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Synonyms for fragmentary

Synonyms for fragmentary

relating to or affecting only a part; not total

Synonyms for fragmentary

consisting of small disconnected parts


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At several different times, also, he gave courses, of lectures on Shakspere and Milton; as a speaker he was always eloquent; and the fragmentary notes of the lectures which have been preserved rank very high in Shaksperean criticism.
Of this plan he completed two detached parts, namely the fragmentary 'Recluse' and 'The Excursion,' which latter contains some fine passages, but for the most part is uninspired.
It is only right to say that it received some support from fragmentary words--spoken by the great Ludwig in the hour of death, when he looked at Heinrich but pointed at Paul, and said,
It is because what education you have is fragmentary, sketchy.
He turned to the Third Act, and ran over those fragmentary passages which were clearly enough written and expressed to be intelligible to the mind of a stranger.
Tom's ear and tongue had become accustomed to a great many words and phrases which are understood to be signs of an educated condition; and though he had never really applied his mind to any one of his lessons, the lessons had left a deposit of vague, fragmentary, ineffectual notions.
Of course there were times when fragmentary reckonings DID come flashing into my brain.
They gave it reluctantly and in a very fragmentary condition, for, having been shamefully humbugged by their prophet, they felt humiliated and unhappy.
Here were twenty pages upon her grandfather's taste in hats, an essay upon contemporary china, a long account of a summer day's expedition into the country, when they had missed their train, together with fragmentary visions of all sorts of famous men and women, which seemed to be partly imaginary and partly authentic.
The conversation in these circumstances was very gentle, fragmentary, and intermittent, but the room was full of the indescribable stir of life.
Vaguely the memory of his apish childhood passed slowly in review--then came a strangely tangled mass of faces, figures and events which seemed to have no relation to Tarzan of the Apes, and yet which were, even in their fragmentary form, familiar.
The objects include: | a hoard of three fragmentary Bronze Age socketed axes found in Kidwelly Community, Carmarthenshire; | a hoard of 105 Roman coins found in Angle Community, Pembrokeshire; | a fragmentary Viking silver arm ring found in Jeffreyston Community, Pembrokeshire; | a medieval silver seal matrix found near St Dogmael's, Pembrokeshire; | a 16th-century silver decorative gilt ring found in Manorbier Community, Pembrokeshire; and | a post-medieval silver scabbard chape found in Camrose Community, Pembrokeshire.
What is the significance of translating fragmentary additions to the corpus of a thinker whose work is already acknowledged to be fragmentary, not least by the man himself?
Contract notice: Comprehensive fragmentary work on transmission lines high voltage in the year 2017-2018.
Though small human, supernatural, and zoomorphic figurines are ubiquitous in Maya sites, few books have focused on them, often because of their usually fragmentary state.