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Synonyms for fragmentary

Synonyms for fragmentary

relating to or affecting only a part; not total

Synonyms for fragmentary

consisting of small disconnected parts


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The method, like the most ambitious poems in this and the few previous collections, is fragmented and discontinuous, and employs a variety of voices and tones to convey the irreverence and fragmentariness of the American historical imagination.
Regarding allegorical works in general, Bainard Cowan has argued that their "obscurity, fragmentariness, and arbitrariness .
The politics of post-colonialism strains at the frame of Frame's text, for as Bainard Cowan notes, The obscurity, fragmentariness, and arbitrariness of allegory all signify the absence of a fulfilling event; this absence, in turn, serves to invoke that event with a greater urgency and a desperate faith'.
With Derek Attridge's study of Joyce we leave philosophy to turn to literature, in this case to a novelist who 'developed a style to represent the fragmentariness of thoughts'.
Soelle writes, "Accepting life, admitting our limits, considering life meaningful even in its fragmentariness and brokenness, are skills we are no longer learning.
The fragmentariness and brevity of life, united to its dignity, is a mystery which is made meaningful by the promise of a fulfilment which is beyond the capacity of man.
The fragmentariness of archaeological material, which does not provide us with a comprehensive view, can be overcome with the application of a long-term perspective, which may compensate the incompleteness of material on a specific moment or a relic (Nilsson Stutz 2003, 53).
Said agrees that Beethoven's late works "remain unco-opted by a higher synthesis" as "they do not fit any scheme, and they cannot be reconciled and resolved, since their irresolution and fragmentariness are constitutive, neither ornamental nor symbolic of something else.
To the degree that these overriding struts are or are not felt to successfully contain the local instances of linguistic convolutions and fragmentariness, many commentators have judged whether or not the novel is a success.
Hence, as students come to realize, in its sheer fragmentariness it is difficult to think of this poem as a "work" or a "text.
The policeman's words, it can be asserted, disclose a great deal about the limits of Kafka's vision and also about his own view of its fragmentariness and abnegation.
For those of us lacking Caws's intimate knowledge of the literary and artistic movements behind the manifestos, she seems to have ensured that the value and the pleasure of her collection can only be in its fragmentariness.
Knowing this, according to Bonhoeffer, allows us "not [to] bemoan the fragmentariness of our life, but rather rejoice in it.
5) The horror and repulsion associated with the sight of the freaks--the screaming audience within the film acts as a stand-in here--can thus be seen as a result of the repression of the primal fragmentariness of the body.
53) This principle claims universal reasonableness for itself, although experience tends to put into question that reasonableness; experience points to the fragility and fragmentariness of the self.