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Synonyms for fragmental

consisting of small disconnected parts


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Because these calculation memorandums consist of fragmental assemblies, we can hardly read the line of his thoughts from these.
n]" refers to atomic or fragmental increments, where the value "[A.
The memory preserves it in a fragmental state, as a dispersed matter.
the access or release of the free spectrum) make the discrete spetrum hole more fragmental, which may interrupt the communication and deteriorate spectral efficiency.
There is fragmental information about scion-rootstock compatibilities in lychee (HUANG and LI, 2007).
Among the fragmental clastic rocks sandstone and siltstone are by far the most common reservoir rocks and these sediments are the basic constitution of the Tobra Formation of the Nilawahan Group that is a probable potential reservoir medium.
The fragmental mass ions of the flavonoid aglycones were evidently observed in total ion chromatograms (TIC).
But a fragmental, rather than holistic, approach to reform will in no way help cement the perception that the government means serious business in correcting the decades-long wrongs regarding the sections of society other than the pious Sunni majority.
The CID spectrum of m/z 269 generated fragmental ions at m/z 241, 225, 213, 197 and 185.
4) "The form here," he explained of The Store, "is not so much environmental as fragmental.
Simon's Necronomicon includes "The Testimony of the Mad Arab" which literalizes the merely whispered of fragmental aspects of Lovecraft's mythos.
La parte nororiental de la Granodiorita de Farallones esta intruida por una diatrema con textura fragmental, las rocas macroscopicamente son de color verde claro y moteado negro, estan conformados por una matriz y xenolitos de cristales y de roca tamano ceniza a lapilli.
The fragmental data collected through the first stranding and incidental catch network for cetaceans in China established in 2002-2004 also suggested that there might be some Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins in Ningde and Fuzhou.
The SAT Property is underlain by Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group, Telkwa Formation volcanics consisting of massive, fragmental maroon to green andesite.