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consisting of small disconnected parts


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This proposed stratigraphic relationship supports the interpretation that the tuffaceous and volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks of the Priest Cove Formation represent a distal facies of the mafic flows and fragmental volcanic rocks of the Ross Island Formation.
The fragmental nature of these states created the conditions for abuse by local elite and their metropolitan bosses.
What we got is only fragmental information, hardly suitable to spark confidence.
Recovered from the car were seven military-issue high-explosive fragmental hand grenades - capable of killing or maiming at 10 metres - still in their packaging and apparently brand new.
Officers found seven military-issue high-explosive fragmental hand grenades, capable of killing or maiming at 10 metres, still in their packaging and apparently brand new.
Climaxing this passage, in the gardens the inanimate objet d'art again provides a transfixing or hypnotic presence: "that antique image in the centre, God or Goddess I wist not; but child of Athens or old Rome paid never a sincerer worship to Pan or to Sylvanus in their native groves than I to that fragmental mystery" (LM x: 228).
This article aims to propose certain measures to integrate the interaction of the elements of planning systems while reviewing the tradition of the systems of strategic and territory planning in Lithuania as well as pursuing to avoid general fragmental reasoning.
These bright spots are probably hilly material, comprised of fragmental debris.
I believe by returning to the wisdom of the body, the human race can heal the fragmental thinking that feeds the fear motivating violent-destructive behavior on our planet.
What they found was another body to north that geologists call an ultra-mafic fragmental.
In February 2008, a giant wind turbine in Denmark totally disintegrated showering metal fragmental shrapnel up to half a mile.
Benjamin offers much insight on the importance of fragmental writings: "To great writers, finished works weigh lighter than those fragments on which they work throughout their lives.
The fragmental nature of the specimens prevents a specific assignment.
Geologic logging of the core from AK07-28C revealed that the mineralization occurred in a fragmental rock surrounded by tuffaceous volcanic rocks.
I heard a bemused citizen passing judgment on the fragmental family represented in The Nonentities' production of And A Nightingale Sang at Kidderminster's Rose Theatre last week.