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Synonyms for fragility

Synonyms for fragility

Synonyms for fragility

quality of being easily damaged or destroyed

lack of physical strength


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The study highlights the public health benefits for improved prevention of secondary fragility fractures," said Dr.
While definitions of fragility and country circumstances differ, fragile states generally have a combination of weak and non-inclusive institutions, poor governance, low capacity, and constraints in pursuing a common national interest.
There is not one category of countries to which this type of fragility applies.
If all of this has not satisfied your need for more information and debate on governance and fragility, then check out the roundtable on the new UNU-WIDER book by Danielle Resnick and Nicholas van der Walle, Democratic Trajectories in Africa: Unravelling the Impact of Foreign Aid, published in our Oxford University Press book series.
Fractures of these bones are usually fragility fractures resulting from low bone mineral density.
We urge all adults aged 50 and over who have suffered a wrist or other fragility fracture, to get tested for osteoporosis.
The study looked at the long-term effects of early menopause on mortality, risk of fragility fracture and osteoporosis.
BISHOP OF ST ASAPH, REV GREGORY CAMERON The Bishop's message said: "As we crack open the chocolate eggs next Sunday, we'll hardly notice their fragility.
Urban Fragility and Security in Africa by Stephen Commins
Our keynote speaker Rick Hanson, in his free weekly newsletter, Just One Thing, wrote following the tsunami on fragility.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers at Isfahan University of Technology took an important step to eliminate the fragility problem seen in the alumina-based composites through mechanico-chemical method.
Now, with the release of the second edition of The Black Swan, Taleb has included a new essay titled "On Robustness and Fragility, Deeper Philosophical and Empirical Reflections.
The program consists of four works: The Fragility Cycles (1976) for gambuh (a Balinese flute) and synthesizer; Woodstone (1981) for gamelan; Peaceable Kingdom (1990) for chamber ensemble with tape; and September Canons (2002) for violin with live electronic processing.
Summary: The fragility of the UK's recovery has been highlighted as latest figures show growth was 0.