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Further impact of this gender-role socialization may be emotional hardening (Pollack, 1998) and a sense of psychic fragileness that warrants the use of psychological defenses (Blazina & Watkins, 2000).
Blazina (1997) has noted that there is a certain irony in that the aim of traditional gender role socialization is to make men tough, but in reality it may actually leave them with a sense of psychic fragileness due to relational disconnection and the prescription of overly restricted gender roles.
Commenting on Arendt's writings, Ricoeur (1991) has emphasized the inherent fragileness of democracy, in which power needs to last, in order to be legitimated and sustained.
When beginning his dialogue with John Rawls, Ricoeur reminds us of the fragileness of political language while insisting on the traditional importance of attempting a theory of justice in the context of a discussion of state and society.