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Next, a vascular spindle forms, initiating the vascular phase of fracture callus formation.
Bone and cartilage formation was quantified on ABH/OG-stained slides by outlining the perimeter of the fracture callus under the 2x objective.
Two cases were consistent with fracture callus based on the history of fall and injury to the spine and based on review of the concurrent cell block, which helped in making a definitive diagnosis.
In addition, histological assessment of the fracture callus in five of the patients confirmed the positive clinical and radiographic results.
This study tested the hypothesis whether Chrysalin injected into an experimental fracture would upregulate genes that control the inflammatory phase of fracture repair, and whether this would result in an earlier appearance of new vasculature into the fracture callus.
Delivered by a single injection into the site of a fresh fracture, OSSIGEL stimulates development of the fracture callus, an important event in the early stages of normal fracture healing.