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Fostering the work of civic architects, civic engineers and civic entrepreneurs will depend on the NCC's developing a kind of supervision that can help overcome the crippling fractiousness.
Rhetoric about homosexual child molesters and seducers has all but disappeared as an explicit theme in antigay messaging to the mainstream; a vast majority of Americans now supports equal employment and housing opportunities for gay people, while slighter majorities even favor some form of same-sex relationship recognition; and the ideological fractiousness of the gay movement has decreased altogether since 1977, while the movement's size, savvy, and resources have vastly increased.
Such factors include the political fractiousness of the immigration debate, the unfolding demographic changes as driven by immigration, the fundamentally economic and labor-market character of immigration today, the as-yet unresolved legal battles over S.
If, as Mezei and Briganti (2002: 838) argue, the representation of houses is associated with the rise of the stable bourgeoisie, then representation of colonial homes reveals in Naipaul's fiction their instability, fractiousness, and even corruption.
Lebanon's all too real current fractiousness and its civil war history are being manipulated cleverly by those who have an interest in maintaining the status quo, or more accurately, who have an interest in maintaining their own status, politically and economically.
Bayh cited the lack of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill as his main reason for leaving, adding to scepticism that the fractiousness in Washington can be repaired and undermining President Barack Obama's efforts to build bridges.
And it was thus now too, with the UMNO-led Barisan gravely weakened, that elite-level fractiousness set in, increasing the risk of cascading defections.
By establishing itself as a serious political force, he argues, the radical right has increased the fractiousness of Swiss politics and made the country's political system more like those of other European countries.
Both sides have put across their arguments and it has seen a return to the kind of fractiousness (if there is such a word) the Tykes have been famous for over the years.
The fractiousness between the Brothers Trump and The Donald has extended to at least one legal run-in.
Such democracy, they judged, led to fractiousness and instability, with amateur assemblies making unsound decisions based on the manipulative sophistry of honey-tongued orators.
The author claims that the innocence of the president of the United States and his advisers is the reason for the failure to reach a peace agreement, in addition to the "structural impediments detailed in this book: the resistance of Arab leaders to change; the fractiousness of Israeli politics; Palestinian dysfunctionalism; and the vulnerability of any political process to endemic violence and terrorism" (p.
At 50 I return to being 15, reminded of the angst and awkwardness, the strangeness of the body, the lack of understanding of the world, the fractiousness of simple things as highly pitched vibrations.
They opened the doors to new forms of commercial practice (exemplified by Netscape and the dotcom boom) and new kinds of politicotechnical fractiousness (ICANN, IPv6, and "net neutrality").
Indyk says that the Middle East is a uniquely difficult political environment for the United States because of the resistance of Arab leaders to change, the fractiousness of Israeli politics, chronic Palestinian dysfunction and the vulnerability of any political process to terrorism.