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in a peevish manner

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While councillors usually bicker fractiously at the length of time they are allowed to speak, they were often happy to let Goodway expound at witty, eloquent length.
In Subaru-Mercedes, 2009, for example, Jacob's son Sami tries to parse a nagging ambivalence about his "divided nationality"--one set between "Eastern" and "Western" cultures--while off camera, his wife and two daughters can be heard fractiously countering his explanations.
Which probably explains why, come December 25, adults will be getting fractiously drunk over cold turkey while their children break the toys that have bought using money borrowed at 1,000,000,000,0000 per cent interest from those thoughtful, caring pay day loan companies.
Exasperation may have been high, especially with Mars and Mercury sparking fractiously with each other.
Fractiously complex issues arising from the encounter of the biblical text with practices and values issuing from disparate cultural contexts are steadily chipping away at the communion of Anglicans worldwide.