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a process that uses heat to separate a substance into its components

separation into portions

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Cryogenic processing plants separate natural gas liquids, and fractionation plants separate those liquds into the valuable butane, ethane and propane parts.
is a master limited partnership engaged in the gathering, transportation, and processing of natural gas; the transportation, fractionation, marketing, and storage of natural gas liquids; and the gathering and transportation of crude oil.
In early December 2013, purity ethane fractionation capacity doubled in the Marcellus to 76,000 Bbl/d with the startup of its second de-ethanization facility.
In 2013, North America was the leading market for plasma fractionation, followed by Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
People never thought that anomalous sulfur isotope fractionation could be caused by a process other than atmospheric reactions," said Hiroshi Ohmoto, professor of geoscience, Penn State.
ETP also holds a 70% interest in Lone Star NGL, a joint venture that owns and operates natural gas liquids storage, fractionation and transportation assets in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.
APPLICATION: TMP mills can use the results of this study to enhance the level of fractionation that can be obtained by their screening systems.
As main electrical contractor (MEC) for the NGL fractionation plant, Siemens will provide power- and distribution transformers, high-, medium- and low-voltage switchgears, and motor control centers.
Competitive Assessment: In-depth assessment of market shares, growth strategies, products, distribution networks, manufacturing capabilities, and SWOT analysis of leading players in the plasma fractionation market.
Lot 4 is to supply a HPLC system for direct integration to the field flow fractionation equipment described in Lot 3
has reached binding commercial agreements to proceed with a new 55,000 bpd propane-plus fractionator (RFS III) at its existing Redwater fractionation and storage complex and a high vapor pressure (HVP) pipeline lateral that will extend the gathering potential of its Brazeau Pipeline in the Willesden Green area of south-central Alberta.
This is more then one third of the book with references up to 1987 and provides a BASIC program for sedimentation field-flow fractionation data evaluation.
Accelerated fractionation (AF) compared to conventional fractionation (CF) improves loco-regional control in the radiotherapy of advanced head and neck cancers: Results of the EORTC 22851 randomized trial.
In spite of this complexity, we used the same basic formulas to calculate the relative differences in the substitution of resins isolated by each of the two fractionation processes described earlier in this report.
Strovi Tel Sdn Bhd is planning to undertake the plasma fractionation plant in Bandar Teknologi Enstek at Nilai, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia.