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a process that uses heat to separate a substance into its components

separation into portions

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The fractionation system will recover propane, isobutane, normal butane and pentane or natural gasoline from mixed natural gas liquids for use in petrochemical manufacturing.
VP Pipeline/EP Pipeline, 200 miles of regulated pipelines that carry raw NGLs from a third-party natural gas processing plant to pipeline and fractionation infrastructure.
Currently, the UEO system includes approximately 63 miles of natural gas and natural gas liquids gathering lines, a 200m cubic-feet-per-day cryogenic processing facility and a 45,000-barrel-per-day natural gas liquids fractionation, storage and rail facility.
Our investments in South Texas create a fully integrated solution for our customers, especially for natural gas producers operating in the Eagle Ford shale area, seeking gathering, processing and fractionation services and attractive direct market outlets for NGL products and residue gas," said David Biegler, Southcross' Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.
In this example, employing fractionation resulted in more petrographically reliable assemblages and proportions, therefore it is suggested that, if possible, the use of fractionation should be employed for future work to allow more accurate modelling of chemical equilibrium in natural systems.
The alliance will combine GE Healthcare's expertise in bioprocessing for plasma fractionation with Neste Jacobs's global bio-engineering and construction capabilities.
3m) plasma fractionation plant that will employ about 100 people, as soon as it obtains local permits and licences.
Two fractionation factors were considered in this study: actual (exact) and apparent ([alpha]app).
An expansion of JNGLF with a fourth fractionation module, built under the Hawiyah NGL programme and commissioned in July 2009, brought the fractionation capacity of the plant up to 1.
The Power-Prep EPH from Fluid Management Systems (FMS) performs fractionation and sample cleanup for 30 samples in <1 hr, producing high recoveries and optimal results for aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon content.
Whereas in both wet and dry fractionation processes, the result is ethanol, distillers dried grains with soluble, as well as germ and fiber.
Celestial Biologicals Limited (CBL), an associate company of Intas Biopharmaceuticals Limited, and GE Healthcare, are to set up India's first GMP-compliant Plasma Fractionation facility in Ahmedabad.
The bio-refinery solution is comprised of Buhler's proprietary Selective Milling corn fractionation technology and Ethanex's Fractionation Integration Services, including an advanced energy center and co-product optimization platform.
A recent publication in a biotech journal acknowledges a Top 10 pharmaceutical company has utilized Digilab's sample preparation and fractionation technologies to expose standard and novel diabetes substrates in a Fourier Transform Mass Spectroscopy experimental paradigm (Yates, et al.
The low-consistency cleaning is followed by fractionation and thickening for short-, medium-, and long-fiber fractions.