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separate into constituents or fractions containing concentrated constituents

obtain by a fractional process

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The fourth quarter loss included charges of $138,000 related to the Alabama NGL Fractionating Plant, which was sold on September 30, 1997.
Eagle Rock Energy Partners is a growth oriented company engaged in the business of gathering compressing, treating processing, transporting and selling natural gas and fractionating and transporting natural gas liquids.
The latest addition to Agilent's protein separation solutions for proteomics research, the OFFGEL Fractionator provides a novel means of fractionating both intact proteins and peptides by their isoelectric point (pI).
The current solution, fractionating whole blood to separate red cells from mononuclear cells, increases the sensitivity of the hybridization results but potentially alters the gene expression profiles.
This will increase Enterprise's NGL fractionating capacity to 225,000 barrels per day at Mont Belvieu and reduce annual energy costs at the facility by approximately $5 million.
We expect to create additional value from this purchase by integrating the Indian Springs and Big Thicket systems and fractionating the NGL production at our facilities in Mont Belvieu beginning in June 2006.
We are very enthusiastic about working with Xethanol Corporation, as they develop and commercialize our new technology for fractionating all types of lignocellulosic material into separate components.
Enterprise recently shut down its fractionator at Toca, Louisiana, which had been fractionating a portion of the NGL production from the Yscloskey plant and executed long-term agreements with the Yscloskey plant owners to fractionate these mixed NGLs at Norco.
Fractionating human blood plasma yields purified and concentrated proteins from which drugs or vaccines can be made.
The GKM Siebtechnik ultimate tumbler screener provides accurate control screening, fractionating and dedusting of dry, powdered and granular products.
We describeed procedures for fractionating fairly clean plant mitochondria, chloroplasts and nuclei.