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Synonyms for fractional

relating to or affecting only a part; not total

Antonyms for fractional

constituting or comprising a part or fraction of a possible whole or entirety


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Volume for December eased fractionally from November to 387 million shares, while the value of shares traded rose by 9 percent over November to $315 million.
Unfortunately, reduced volumes of large financial transactions, lower electric power sales and lackluster labor markets offset these gains, leaving the monthly index only fractionally higher than March.
The Navan stewards held an inquiry into the start of the race won by the Joanna Morgan-trained Danetime Lilly after Point Callimere, who eventually finished tenth of the 11 runners, burst out of his stall fractionally before the other runners were dispatched.
The overall figure is only fractionally lower than the previous year, when companies paid pounds 11.
Shares in PowderJect closed at 258p on Friday, fractionally down on the day but almost half of their value four years ago.
This will make the price of a litre fractionally under 50p.
Fuel prices fell fractionally last month, according to latest figures.
618 billion bushels, which was fractionally higher than traders estimates.
Stickels said: "We've had another nice, drying day, and are now good to firm, good in places, although we are only fractionally drier than we were on Friday.
Shares in the clothes giant climbed more than 15p yesterday to fractionally over 327p.
5 FULL STRETCH: Spurs striker Les Ferdinand gets stuck in fractionally ahead of Carlton Palmer's challenge.
And we think that to compare motorists who drive fractionally over the speed limit to drink drivers is insulting.
The stock spent the first half of 2006 consolidating toward this trendline, only to dip fractionally below it last month.
Whereas the races were generally run at fractionally slower times than the two-day fixture a fortnight ago, when the ground was described as much quicker than the opening meeting in August, the times were fractionally faster than last Friday.