fractional distillation

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fractionation of a liquid by distillation

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The Lanzhou petrochemical subsidiary of PetroChina said the fire, triggered by a leakage from a fractional distillation device in the refinery at 8:39 a.
The process is cheaper than other separation processes such as fractional distillation or extraction.
In order to dehydrate the alcohol and extract pure alcohol, fractional distillation method should be applied in several stages to dehydrate the alcohol and obtain an alcohol with a higher purity.
Fractional distillation of essential oils and natural raw aromatics.
Briefly, the steps in the process are removing salt and debris from the crude, fractional distillation of the crude into compounds such as gas, gasoline, and diesel; removing sulfur and nitrogen; and then blending intermediate streams to meet end-product specifications.
In this experimental setup was describe figure 1 as number wise such as 1 = LDPE waste plastic, 2= Steel reactor, 3= Fractional distillation column, 4= 1st fractional temperature, 5= 2nd fractional temperature, 6=3rd fractional temperature, 7= 4th fractional temperature, 8= 5th fractional temperature, 9= light gas cleaning system with alkali solution, 10= 1st fractional fuel collection tank, 11= 2nd fractional fuel collection tank, 12= 3rd fractional fuel collection tank, 13= 4th fractional fuel collection tank, 14 = 5th fractional fuel collection tank , 15= Small pump for gas transfer into Teflon Bag, 16 = Teflon bag for light gas storage.
The site's existing extensive organic synthesis and distillation equipment complements the epoxy plant with capabilities of downstream processing and advancement of epoxy resins as well as purification by fractional distillation and/or thin film evaporation.
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