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Synonyms for fractional

relating to or affecting only a part; not total

Antonyms for fractional

constituting or comprising a part or fraction of a possible whole or entirety


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PlaneSense, already well-regarded for its 20 years of safe operation in fractional aircraft ownership with the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop, believes the PC-24 jet will be a standout when it comes to fractional jet programs because it offers the speed, range and cabin size of a medium jet, with the performance and price of a light jet.
The Advanced Workshop on Fractional Interest Valuation is an intensive four-hour examination on how to recognize and overcome the obstacles presented by divided and undivided interests in any asset.
Rezapour: Some existence results for a nonlinear fractional differential equation on partially ordered Banach spaces, Bound.
Fractional calculus is now being used in several branches of science, and Uchaikin and Sibatov (both Ulyanovsk State U.
Key words: fractional order control matlab, simulink, toolboxes
Most books about fractional Brownian motion focus on probabilistic properties, says Prakasa Rao (mathematics and statistics, U.
The first Shared Ownership Fractional Summit Middle East discussed the potential of shared ownership products in the Mena region, and encompassed real estate, yachts, timeshare and supercars.
Leading luxury fractional ownership brand and fractional conference and exhibition organiser, Fractional Life http://www.
European market leaders, the Fractional Ownership Consultancy (http://www.
1031 like-kind exchange arena--exchanging real property for separate, fractional property interests in replacement properties.
Fractional hotels are also another possibility for financing hotels in Manhattan.
So in December 2003, Dickinson and some investors did what a lot of resort and lodge owners have done in Colorado in recent years: They bought the Innsbruck Inn on Aspen's Main Street and turned the 17-unit lodge into fractional units, offering 1/12th sares at prices ranging from $64,700 to $157,000.
Buying a jet, or even a fractional share of one, can run well into the millions and require a multiyear commitment.
Its fractional SONET capabilities allow Sigma Networks' carrier and service provider customers to use a single aggregated port connection to reach multiple points-of-presence in major cities.
At temperatures near absolute zero, the electrons apparently condense to form a quantum fluid made up of ensembles of electrons, each seeming to have a fractional electric charge (SN: 6/25/83, p.
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