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Synonyms for fractional

relating to or affecting only a part; not total

Antonyms for fractional

constituting or comprising a part or fraction of a possible whole or entirety


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Feckan, Wang, and Pospisil present a broad variety of problems that appear when using fractional calculus and show how the the mathematical theory behind fractional calculus is non-trivial and beautiful.
Then the Hamiltonian density and the energy-stress tensor are obtained in fractional form from the fluid Lagrangian density.
For more information on fractional ownership please visit: http://www.
On the other hand, impulsive differential equations are often used for description some processes or system with impulsive effects, impulsive (partial) differential equations with Caputo fractional derivative were widely studied in [21-32], and the existence of solutions was considered for impulsive differential equations with Hadamard fractional derivative in [33].
Flexjet LLC said that it is launching Red Label, providing game-changing innovations never before seen in the fractional market.
8220;Bruce leads a first-class team of professionals in the aviation industry who consistently improve the culture of safety in aviation,” said George Antoniadis, CEO and President of PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership company.
Rezapour: Some existence results for a nonlinear fractional differential equation on partially ordered Banach spaces, Bound.
Fractional calculus is now being used in several branches of science, and Uchaikin and Sibatov (both Ulyanovsk State U.
The fundamentals of fractional order calculus and brief outline of fractional order controllers are followed by overview of four selected toolboxes including the references to sources for obtaining the described packages
Statistical inference for fractional diffusion processes.
Fractional Life, a leading luxury fractional ownership brand, recently held a summit focusing on shared ownership which attracted around 75 delegates at the Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
Summary: Inaugural Shared Ownership Fractional Summit Middle East attracts delegates from around the world and highlights the potential for shared ownership across the region.
Fractional differential order equations represent a fast growing research field nowadays (OLDHAM; SPANIER, 2006).
1031 like-kind exchange arena--exchanging real property for separate, fractional property interests in replacement properties.
Fractional hotels are also another possibility for financing hotels in Manhattan.
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