fractal geometry

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(mathematics) the geometry of fractals

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Even the way the lungs inflate follows fractal geometry.
AMS Special Session on Fractal Geometry in Pure and Applied Mathematics: In Memory of Benoit Mandelbrot (2012: Boston, MA.
Key words: HASH, fractal geometry, information system, authentication, fractal set
Our lungs, nervous system, and circulatory system all have fractal geometry, with large branches becoming smaller branches, becoming smaller branches, and so on, yet with each level self-similar to those above (Briggs and Peat 1989, 95).
This color text for an introductory sophomore course in linear algebra blends theory, numerical techniques, and applications from many areas, including archaeology, history, fractal geometry, and electrical engineering.
As such, constructs such as fractal geometry and Lindenmayer systems seem prime candidates for the generation of such self similar objects.
Fractal geometry was first posited by Benoit Mandelbrot, a researcher born in Warsaw, Poland in 1924.
A scholar with degrees in math, biology, ecology and evolution, Fuller can knowledgably chat about science's most intriguing ideas - chaos theory, fractal geometry, self-organizing systems, symbiogenesis - all topics under the broad umbrella of the emerging science of complexity.
FALCONER, Fractal Geometry, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1990.
The company's innovative use of fractal geometry to antenna design has underpinned unique benefits in terms of size and efficiency that conventional Euclidean geometry is incapable of matching.
The authors propose, through the use of rules and patterns in fractal geometry, that the edge-lengths of cities increase in proportion with their area, and that certain settlement forms produce more 'urban edge'.