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Synonyms for foxhunt

mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox


Related Words

hunt foxes, on horseback and with dogs

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The focus of the Foxhunt program is the airborne control of a varied mix of unmanned aerial vehicles," said Patrick Stokes of Boeing Research & Technology, the company's advanced, central research, technology and innovation organization, who will manage the research effort.
At this stage we're not sure if the foxhunt will be involved in the documentary to be shown before the World Cup.
Football thrives (despite a cancellation on September 15th); sororities and fraternities move ahead with Rush Week; the Homecoming Queen is crowned, and beer parties are no less madly punctuated by ear-splitting rebel yells (part foxhunt yip, part banshee squall, according to Shelby Foote).
He hit the bottle and then decided to confront the pair at a foxhunt.
Without mounted followers contributing to the costs of each foxhunt they would be severely curtailed and unable to provide the free service farmers require which, apart from controlling foxes, includes collection of fallen livestock off farms.
Her progress toward cure (obviously still far from complete at the film's end, as suggested by the repetition of the `Mother, Mother, I am ill' rhyme) is also dependent on other factors: the appearance of Strutt at the party (as if in answer to her cry for help, invited not by Mark but by Lil, and forcing Marnie to confront the reality of her peril); the foxhunt and its brutal, crucial aftermath, the shooting of Forio, later revealed as a reenactment (`There.
00 FOXHUNT OXHUNT O ER CHASE CHALLENGE CUP 3m21/2f CH4 4 Paint The Clouds, 7 On The Fringe, 8 Current Event, 10 Salsify, 12 Aerial, Muirhead, Two Rockers, 14 Chapoturgeon, Harbour Court, Seventh Sign, 16 bar 4.
The Killians - Irene and Helen's maiden names - will be parading Liberty Counsel at the Westmeath Foxhunt point-to-point race today, which they describe as a "historic moment for the family".
AN animal rights group yesterday branded RTE star Hector O hEochagain "pathetic" for taking part in a foxhunt.
He caught the attention of Nechellsbased Rehab records who released his debut album Foxhunt, featuring a galaxy of Midlands stars, to widespread acclaim.
It's none, the same as every other constituency, even though there is a foxhunt located in the heart of Newport West.
Crowds lined the streets in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, as some of England's oldest and most famous foxhunt packs - the Belvoir, Cottesmore, Fernie and Qourn - rode out.
But I doubt he's even seen a foxhunt," adds another spectator.
The "Blessing" is held each Thanksgiving holiday and kicks off the annual Hunt Club Foxhunt, a jaunt that sends eager hounds and their scarlet-jacketed, be-saddled companions racing across the countryside.