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medium-sized glossy-coated hounds developed for hunting foxes

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The Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Foxhounds was contacted for comment but did not respond.
He was never rich, conforming to the description of a master of Foxhounds applied in earlier centuries by the 'Jorrocks' author R.
Trail hounds derived from foxhounds many decades ago and eventually two associations were formed and are still active - I have the first results book, dated 1856.
A hunt began with the blast of a horn last week on a Bridgewater field as 18 American foxhounds were released from the back of a truck, fed treats and directed toward the woods.
Show organiser Cliff Craven (left) and huntmaster Ifor Evans with the Aber Foxhounds
Ricardo is proud to have assembled all of the Foxhounds ordered for British forces by the MoD.
The 51 extra Foxhounds are the latest to be ordered from GDLS:FPE as part of the PS340 million investment that will provide the Army with a total fleet of 376 vehicles.
The first foxhound club, the Piedmont Foxhounds, was formed in Virginia in 1840 and is still going strong today.
Summary: The MoD have announced that the first batch of the British Army's new Foxhound patrol vehicles have arrived in Afghanistan.
Apounds 180m contract for 200 Foxhounds was announced last year and the first vehicles are due to be delivered next month.
South Durham Hunt's vice-chairman had 57 frisky foxhounds to exercise every day for at least three hours.
SIX foxhounds were killed when they ran into the path of a train on New Year's Eve.
And scores of visitors fought the conditions with umbrellas, wellies and weatherproofs to watch attractions such as Usk Valley Working Dogs marshalling geese, Tredegar Farmers Foxhounds, Welshcobsand birds of prey.
Entertainment includes a first visit from Jez Avery's Mountain Bike Stunt Team, parades of Tredegar Farmers' Hunt Foxhounds and Glamorgan Mink Hounds and vintage machinery.
It came as the Irish Council Against Blood Sports called for a Garda investigation into allegations the Westmeath Foxhounds club threw a live fox to a pack of hounds to be savagely torn into pieces.