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a ballroom dance in quadruple time

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Nowak said once a beginner learns the basics, such as the waltz and fox trot, they can learn variations or pick up what other people are doing.
Cheri is dancing with James Jordon and after this week's female group dance, the duo will compete to stay in with the fox trot next week.
The reluctant wallflowers on the right have come out with their wives to recapture their youth doing the fox trot and the Big Apple, and what happens?
Learning how to swing dance, fox trot and tango, while discovering along the way that no, boys don't have cooties and girls don't bite.
Now she will fox trot off into the wild when she can stand on her own four paws.
The group includes both vocalists and accomplished instrumentalists who shine on clarinet, trumpet, string instruments, and percussion as they perform such period styles as the fox trot, bolero, danza, decima, and plena.
The Fox Trot Festival takes place at The Fleece Inn, Bretforton, Worcestershire next weekend.
Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango), in which the partners are free to release each other from the closed embrace and dance without any physical contact, thus permitting improvisation and individual expression.
The waltz, fox trot and tango are suddenly enjoying a popularity which they haven't seen since their 1960s heyday.
These days I dance a graceful waltz and a jazzy fox trot, and my teacher and I are choreographing a Fosse-like routine.
Gamma rays are to visible light what slam dancing is to the fox trot.
Each session includes a myriad of traditional ballroom dances, such as the waltz, fox trot and merengue.
On the African side, she shows that white people flocked to embrace African American dances (Juba, Cakewalk, Charleston, the Fox Trot and Lindy Hop).
A nationwide tour in 1914 with dancers Vernon and Irene Castle introduced modern styles of ballroom dancing, including the Fox Trot, which Badger calls "the first manifestation of the diffusion of the blues into mainstream American culture" (p.