fox terrier

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small lively black-and-white terriers formerly used to dig out foxes

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Floyd, a two-year-old fox terrier, | |loves the Three Queens
Trimmer was the first Fox Terrier to win a prize at any British dog show.
Best in Show prize was won last year by Sky, a wire fox terrier from California.
His grandma Bray regularly made jackets for her adorable Fox terrier Sandy in the 1950's, which inspired him to take up sewing and design his own products.
She has now hired an investigator to find the Podenco - a Spanish hunting breed - a Chihuahua mix and two fox terrier crosses.
Her Name Is Sophia" is the true story of a how a wire fox terrier dog named Sophia came to be a part of a family living in Maine, on many acres of land.
The prime contenders: Sky the wire fox terrier, Matisse the Portuguese water dog, Swagger the old English sheepdog, Riley the Irish water spaniel and the Fifinator, a Doberman who has her own Facebook page.
When firefighters entered the gutted apartment, they discovered that one of Greene's two fox terrier dogs had died in the blaze; its body was found under the bed.
There is currently a shortage of volunteers in Stokesley who are able to offer some much needed walks for a fox terrier.
Arrive at Ascot, put on tie (resentfully), have a Pimm's, tell anyone who's listening that my Auntie Beth called her wire-haired fox terrier Pimm's because it was her favourite drink.
Before he knows it, Tintin and his faithful companion Snowy - a plucky fox terrier who is the real brains of the operation - are kidnapped and find themselves at sea.
It is thought they were produced from a mixture of Dandie Dinmont, the now-extinct English white terrier, the fox terrier, the West Highland and the corgi, the Queen's favourite breed.
Also competing for the title was: German shepherd Elmo, who won the pastoral group; boxer Max, who won the Working Group; wire fox terrier Henry, who won the Best Terrier category; Theo, a standard poodle, who took first place in the Utility group; and Eric, a bishon frise which won the Toy category.