fox hunting

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mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox


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The thing I fail to comprehend is what exactly the government will gain from banning fox hunting.
Around 100 hours had been dedicated to the fox hunting issue in Parliaments' two chambers over the last year.
Labour loyalist Mike Foster (Worcester), a member of the Standing Committee considering the Bill, wants to stop fox hunting with hounds in lowland areas below a level of 1,600 ft, which will effectively halt hunting in many parts of the Midlands.
More than 200,000 people take part in fox hunting in the UK but it remains one of the most divisive issues among the population.
Ken Livingstone had brought a bill before the Commons demanding an urgent ban on fox hunting.
Fears were raised that a success for animal rights and anti-blood sports groups over fox hunting could lead to pressure on other sports.
But scenes like this, although well hidden from public view, take place routinely in fox hunting, where packs of hounds pursued by mounted riders tear foxes apart, limb from limb, after a pursuit of many miles across countryside.
But fox hunting is no more cruel than a lot of things we do to animals, and I think that is why I have changed my mind and am against a ban.
Dave Huntley, Barley Mow, near Birtley: "To all the MPs who voted for the fox hunting ban: are they going to be responsible for the deaths of all the dogs that will have to be destroyed and the horses, and what about all the people employed in hunting?
Fox hunting is a very small part of British life and must be allowed to continue.
The star of the Two Fat Ladies cookery programme made the outburst at the launch of a Bill to outlaw fox hunting in Scotland.
OUTLAWING the cruel ``sport'' of hunting wild animals with dogs has long enjoyed high levels of public support; a recent Mori poll shows 69pc want fox hunting to be illegal.
Hare coursing and stag hunting are banned and fox hunting with hounds is strictly licensed,
To cut a long story short he thought it was cruel because he had seen a video of a fox hunt and he compared fox hunting to gladiators killing lions.
So it might be a surprise to learn he is in favour of fox hunting and regularly goes out with his three springer spaniels.