fox hole

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a small dugout with a pit for individual shelter against enemy fire


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Pastor Bill Dunfee added: "Light and darkness cannot exist together so the Fox Hole has got to go.
Light and darkness cannot exist together, so the Fox Hole has got to go," the BBC quoted Pastor Bill Dunfee as saying.
When they were lying in a fox hole, whatever their color, they were just people.
The hard-boiled hero, to use a cliche, must be the sort of person you would want to be trapped with in a fox hole.
The Autonomic Logistics family of systems will enable Marine Corps ground tactical equipment, such as Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, to autonomically monitor and report health and logistics needs to key decision makers from fox hole to rolling stock to flag pole.
FIRE crews were called to a Tynemouth street yesterday after a pet dog got itself stuck down a fox hole.
He said: 'I remember sitting on a fox hole in the countryside with dogs and huntsmen all around trying to get me off and because there were no mobile phones then I had no way of calling the police if I was threatened.
An American bishop says there are no atheists in a fox hole.
Out in your fox hole you suffered from both heat and cold.
Private Scott Knowler takes up a defensive position in a fox hole in Ali Al Gharbi yesterday during a patrol by the British Army's 1 Para in the Maysan Province of central Iraq -their first patrol since six members of the Royal Military Police were shot and killed
Jack Vierra, 52, was lucky to survive when his fox hole took a direct mortar hit during Vietnam's TET offensive in 1969.
And 12 months on from that momentous event, Ellie and Jack, 33, will come September 19 have their names above the door of their own place with the opening of The Fox Hole pub in Piercebridge near Darlington.
We were sure she's gone down a fox hole or had been attacked by a badger and killed.
Jim Flynn was shot and trapped in a fox hole in noman's land.
Donald told a packed audience he was excited by devolution, but joked that he would live in a fox hole when the Parliament building was finally unveiled.