fowling piece

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a light shotgun used for fowling

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For you gorillas that think a 10-gauge is barely adequate for high-flying geese, and you primadonnas that can barely stand to shoot a 20-bore, Big Green has expanded its smoking-fast Hypersonic line to include your favorite fowling piece.
The rich, dark soil has rewarded you with fine tobacco crops and you've indulged yourself by ordering a fowling piece from the local gunmaker.
In the South, during the Revolutionary War, faced with a desperate shortage of muskets, the colonists used the fowling piece as a close-quarters combat weapon while ambushing the redcoats on the flanks of their line formations and shooting the horses from under their cavalrymen.
Let's face it, explaining to your significant other that you need to spend another $1,000 on a new fowling piece won't go over well.
LePage Moutier made the Royal LePage Moutier fowling piece in 1860, with the idea of presenting it as a royal gift for Napoleon III.