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English lexicographer who wrote a well-known book on English usage (1858-1933)

someone who hunts wild birds for food

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Fowler is due to travel to South Wales tomorrow night for a Ninian Park medical on Monday.
Ridsdale and manager Dave Jones have worked for the last six weeks to land Fowler, who is due to be officially unveiled as a Cardiff City player on Tuesday.
Jerome Wilcox, for the Fowlers, said Miss Jones' statement in court that she did not care if the Fowlers remained at the farm house was significant.
He added an injunction preventing Miss Jones behaving in the way alleged by the Fowlers would do nothing to persuade perspective purchasers of the couple's farm house to disregard the 20-year feud surrounding the property.
He was kept under surveillance and, the following month, when he arrived at the Fowlers' garage with an engine, both he and Nicholas Fowler were arrested.
Mr Wood said the Fowlers are Jehovah's Witnesses and had believed that McDonald and Daley were operating a legitimate business.
But mostly the Conejo Valley Archers Club offers people a chance to discover the sport, which is what the Fowlers had hoped for when they helped start it over 20 years ago.
Gale and Hilda Fowler never imagined it would get this big.
For the last two years, the Fowlers have used an assortment of financial planning software.
This is great for us," says Colisa, "because the computer automatically pays our bills," including fixed amounts that the Fowlers owe each month to utility companies and creditors.
The Fowlers required that there were serial numbers on the engines to verify their source Mr Wood told Judge Nigel Gilmour, QC: "Their concern throughout the running of the business was to ensure everything was done legitimately and above board.
He was kept under surveillance and the following month, when he arrived at the Fowlers' garage with an engine for a Land Rover Defender, both he and Nicholas Fowler were arrested and kept in custody.
Fowler is the CEO and chairman of Liberty Bank of Arkansas and CEO and chairman of Fowler Foods Inc.
He said he was approached by Fowler and Chris Fowler, president of Fowler Foods, to start the program.
Thankfully, Oxford University Press has now swept to the rescue with the rerelease of the first edition, in effect putting Fowler back in charge of Fowler's.