fowl cholera

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an acute diarrheal disease (especially of chickens) caused by the microorganism that causes hemorrhagic septicemia

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Plans for this farm include collection of antemortem samples and necropsy of acutely affected birds in an attempt to definitively diagnose fowl cholera.
Some of the most common diseases that are spread as a result of bird droppings are Tuberculosis, Encephalitis, Meningitis, Chlamydiosis, Salmonellosis, Fowl Typhoid, Fowl Cholera, Newcastle Disease, Pullorum Disease, Spirochetosis, Streptococosis, and Q Fever.
Singapore imposed a partial ban on the import of poultry from Thailand earlier this month after the outbreak of fowl cholera there.
They competed for limited food supplies and disease epidemics like avian botulism and fowl cholera wiped out thousands at a time.
Applicability of molecular methods for the detection and differentiation of Pasteurella multocida strains involved in 2 separate fowl cholera outbreaks in a single poultry farm was investigated.