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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute

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Foveate groove of mesopleuron very weak, virtually absent.
Foveate groove more or less in centre of mesopleuron, weakly upcurved anteriorly, wide and with transverse wrinkles.
moesta in respect of its small size as well as densely granulate, impunctate head and mesosoma, but differs from these and other Afrotropical species of the genus because of the very short basal keel of propodeum, weak foveate groove of mesopleuron and hind wing with nervellus strongly reclivous.
18, 33 and 35) very short, about 2 times wider at base than long in middle line, slightly wider at apex than at base, disk foveate with a very faint median carina, submedian carinae originating from basal 1/3 of lateral margin, and meet Y-shaped carina at middle, from where apical carinae becoming very faint.
In the earliest study, Yarbus (1967) showed that the perception of a complex scene involved a complicated pattern of fixations where the eye is held (fairly) still, and saccades where the eye moves to foveate a new part of the scene [3].