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vision with the fovea

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This typical reading process is disrupted when foveal vision is lost because of macular disease.
2007; Mori et al, 2001), possibly because reorganization of cortical visual processing only occurs in the absence of foveal vision (Baker, Dilks, Peli, & Kanwisher, 2008).
Optimum VA depends on foveal vision so light focussed on the peripheral retina can be degraded optically without much consequence perceptually, other than perhaps the extent of the visual field.
PRL fixation, saccade, and pursuit abilities are scored from 0 to 4; 0 indicates no ability and 4 indicates abilities that approximate those of a person using foveal vision.
Fundus photographs are useful in detecting the presence of foveal sparing and the possibility that the patient may have some remaining foveal vision, but do not, in themselves, provide information on how well the remaining fovea sees and whether the patient can effectively use the spared region.
The most frequent of these diseases is age-related macular degeneration (AMD), in which foveal vision is often impaired by a central scotoma that impairs vision of fine detail and causes problems with reading and recognizing faces.