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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute

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T2 with two short, slightly pubescent basal foveae, rest of tergite smooth except for reticulate microsculpture along narrow hind margin, T3-T6 with similar microsculpture over most of surface and a few very inconspicuous setae.
15x as wide as long, with two transverse and sculptured basal foveae in anterior 0.
occultus Ros-Farre & Pujade-Villar, 2003, from which it differs by having a longer median mesoscutal furrow, straighter last third of the scutellar spine, lacking lateral pits, having 2 or 3 longitudinal carinae in the scutellar foveae and a densely pubescent pronotum (median mesoscutal furrow shorter, scutellar spine curved downwards, lateral pits present and only 1 longitudinal carinae dividing the scutellar foveae (Fig.
Fully winged robust specimens, with dense setae and coriaceous or rugose surface sculpture on the head and mesosoma; metasoma densely pubescent; the head is usually narrower than the mesosoma, transverse in anterior view, with genae strongly broadened behind eyes, the malar sulcus always absent; notauli usually are incomplete, impressed in the posterior 2/3 of the mesoscutum; scutellar foveae indistinctly delimited, confluent; all tarsal claws with strong basal lobe.
truncatilabris in having the foveae narrower below (taking about 0.