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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute

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5) In our study, despite being with lower coefficiency values, we found negative and significant correlations between the thicknesses of retinal layer measured at 1 mm distant to fovea centralis and drug consumption duration, cumulative dose of drug, dose of drug per kilogram of actual and lean body masses.
However, there was a difference between the groups regarding the presence of a functioning fovea (but not necessarily normal function).
Rapidly (-2 cycles/second) move the hole in small circles and you will see the shadow of the capillary network that surrounds the fovea.
2) If one is looking directly into and toward the laser, the fovea, (the center of the visual field where one has high acuity and color vision) can be injured.
Pr Jose-Alain Sahel, Professor of Ophthalmology, co-founder of FOVEA and chairman of the SAB, said: "Retinal dystrophies are a major cause of vision loss.
Control subjects' text maps showed that the fovea contained text most often.
The multiple defects involved the anterior and posterior walls of the frontal sinuses, the fovea ethmoidalis bilaterally, the cribriform plate, the far-right lateral floor of the sphenoid sinus, and both lateral sphenoid walls.
You can become blind from looking at the sun, because doing so focuses its rays directly on the retina (RET-in-uh), a layer of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eyeball that includes the fovea (FO-vee-uh).
Intravenous fluorescein angiography of the right eye revealed a focal leak at the superior temporal aspect of the fovea and late leakage consistent with central serous retinopathy.
One woman who complained of distorted vision was told she had suffered burns to the fovea - part of the retina - though the extent and permanence of the damage would not be known for several months.
Best vision is possible when images are focused on the fovea, which is that part of the retina with the greatest acuity.
A special spot in the retina, called the fovea, allows us to see such detail.
Perhaps 15 percent of adults lose some or all of their vision to age-related macular degeneration, a syndrome that especially affects photoreceptors, in the fovea, the tiny area at the retina's center most responsible for sharpness of vision.
the founding Chairman and CEO of Fovea (Sanofi), to its Board of Directors.