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an algebraic equation of the fourth degree

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Erol Simavi, a former media boss, once said: "Everybody thinks the army is the fourth power in Turkey; this is wrong.
The contracts to manufacture and supply a complete set of turbogenerator equipment and two driving turbines designed to drive steam generators feed pumps of the fourth power unit being built at Rostovskaya NPP were signed with Directorate for Integrated Ordering of Equipment for NPPs OJSC, member of the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation in December 2011.
Although the fourth power law has affected highway engineering profoundly, in Oregon mention of the law in discussions of highway maintenance and finance is hard to find.
Although some authorities have suggested that the fourth power law should be closer to a third power law, authorities indicate that its status is complicated enough to keep the law from being totally discarded.
Following shut down of the last of Alcoa's three units in August 2007, the smelter in Rockdale will continue to operate and will receive its power for approximately 210,000 metric tons per year (mtpy) of the facility's current 264,000 mtpy capacity, from the existing fourth power generating unit on-site owned by TXU.
Construction has been launched on a fourth power unit at China's Tianwan nuclear power plant (NPP), in the Chinese province of Jiangsu.
The Ducks built on the better chances and sustained pressure they had on their fourth power play of the game.
In addition, JEA is a joint owner with Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) in a fourth power plant, the St.
The fourth power plant at Al Thayyem field was completed in late 2001.
This is the company's fourth power plant venture since entering the business in 1995.
On the Ducks' fourth power play of the night, Kariya passed to Rucchin, who was stationed to Nashville goaltender Tomas Vokoun's left.
This is Conoco's fourth power plant venture since it entered the electric power business in 1995.
This joint investment by Jupiter and Caterpillar, to be called Jupiter Power, includes existing power plants in Cambodia at Pursat and Kampong Chhang, a power plant under construction at Battambang, with a fourth power plant recently awarded.
This fourth Power Summit is a one-day event that assembles a core group of experts from five separate META Group services.
It continues to operate at a bit error rate of 10 to the negative third power, whereas the best of the competition stops receiving at 10 to the negative fourth power or 10 to the negative fifth power.