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Synonyms for fourteenth

position 14 in a countable series of things

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coming next after the thirteenth in position


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On the morning of the fourteenth of June (the day in which I first visited the ship), the lady suddenly sickened and died.
Missing," it said, "on the morning of the fourteenth, a gentleman named Hosmer Angel.
asked Juliet, indignantly shaking at him a horned and towering blue headdress of the fourteenth century which framed her face very becomingly, fantastic as it was.
It is pretty generally admitted that Geoffrey Chaucer, the eminent poet of the fourteenth century, though obsessed with an almost Rooseveltian passion for the new spelling, was there with the goods when it came to profundity of thought.
Archer handed the note to his senior partner, and a few minutes later was crawling northward in a crowded horse-car, which he exchanged at Fourteenth Street for one of the high staggering omnibuses of the Fifth Avenue line.
The cross marks the spot where a celebrated troubadour was waylaid and murdered in the fourteenth century.
Ferguson in that vast region comprised between the fourteenth and thirty-third degrees of east longitude.
There," explained the prince, with great delight and animation, "there, that's the abbot's real signature--from a manuscript of the fourteenth century.
The landlady met us on the doorstep with the greeting that we were the fourteenth party she had turned away within the last hour and a half.
The Spaniards, through the Catholic clergy, offer praise to God for their victory over the French on the fourteenth of June, and the French, also through the Catholic clergy, offer praise because on that same fourteenth of June they defeated the Spaniards.
Not in batches are boys now sent to college; the half-dozen a year have dwindled to one, doubtless because in these days they can begin to draw wages as they step out of their fourteenth year.
Or, better, meet me at Fourteenth and Broadway at two o'clock.
On the morning of the fourteenth day the change came, and it came in a guise as unexpected and startling to us as it was to the men we were striving to capture.
Justinian Gaux, a writer of the fourteenth century, avers
And that was Rose's little prayer on the night of her fourteenth birthday.