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Synonyms for fourteenth

position 14 in a countable series of things

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coming next after the thirteenth in position


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Surveyor of the World), an early fourteenth century poem of twenty-four thousand lines ('Paradise Lost' has less than eleven thousand), relating universal history from the beginning, on the basis of the Biblical narrative.
The popular ballads of the fourteenth century we must reserve for later consideration.
In 1868, in the wake of the Civil War, the Fourteenth Amendment was added to the U.
Senator Susan Collins met with Fourteenth Street School Principal Dan Chadbourne and teacher Kim Scaves along with Bangor School Department Superintendent Betsy Webb in her Washington, D.
2 - Abdullah bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, Al-Askar, Secretary General of the Region's Council in the Governorate of the Eastern Region, fourteenth rank.
American Founding Son: John Bingham and the Invention of the Fourteenth Amendment.
of federal statutes passed at the time of the Fourteenth Amendment that
Everyman's Constitution: Historical Essays on the Fourteenth Amendment, the "Conspiracy Theory," and American Constitutionalism comes from a deaf law librarian who in 1938 successfully argued that the authors of the fourteenth amendment were motivated by abolitionist fervor and Civil war outcomes.
The time traveler's guide to medieval England; a handbook for visitors to the fourteenth century.
Advocates looking to reduce or eradicate criminal disenfranchisement often home in on an obscure section of the Fourteenth Amendment (1868), one of the three civil rights amendments ratified during Reconstruction.
Before heading to France, Ragheb made it a point to celebrate his eldest son's fourteenth birthday.
Shipping the Medieval Military: English Maritime Logistics in the Fourteenth Century Craig L.
New Delhi, Oct 25 (ANI): The Union Cabinet today approved the increase in India's quota in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a result of the fourteenth general review of quotas.
The fourteenth term of the FNC, following the 2006 elections, set a precedent as the first time women were able to participate in the elections.