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Synonyms for foursquare

(geometry) a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles

characterized by firm and unwavering conviction

Related Words

with firmness and conviction

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Global brands across all industries note the significance of the Foursquare Tips content to measure their users interaction with their brand.
Foursquare has also announced that the revamped Foursquare app will launch at a later time.
Foursquare is much more popular in the Northeast (28.
Crowey, posted on the Foursquare blog the reason he introduced Swarm.
Peixe Urbano will pay a percentage to Foursquare for every purchase made through their platform and tips about the properties will be displayed on the app.
The investment is reported to help Foursquare sustain its business, while providing Microsoft the access to a collection of location-based data.
First Data merchants participating in the Foursquare Specials for Credit Cards program will now be able to drive measurable and incremental purchase volume through this expanded feature, offering secure, value-added, time-saving point-of-sale (POS) convenience.
Bing will display tips and recommendations shared publically to Foursquare about businesses or other locations relevant to a user's search query and location, Microsoft said.
Walker was one of the very first employees at Foursquare when he joined in 2009.
AP) -- It took a return to the South to get me back on Foursquare.
Foursquare just reached the 20 million users mark and recently recorded its two billionth check-in.
Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific Uses Foursquare to Attract Passengers to SFO Lounge .
online adults using geo-social (aka location-based) applications like Foursquare, you've probably done so several times already.
Facebook, LinkedIn and foursquare have revolutionized the social media space and this is evident from the rapidly growing member communities that Jet Airways has on all these social media platforms.
The contest will run from November 7th, 2011 to December 5th, 2011 and requires participants to check-in to Jamba Juice on Foursquare at any of the eleven-featured locations, take a photograph of a smoothie, and post the photograph on Foursquare.