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It was fourpence from Golcar down to Huddersfield, tuppence on the trolley, sixpence to go in and tuppence for a programme, so it was one and sixpence altogether, which would be 71/2p today.
Production continued unabated until the 1920s, at which time it retailed at three shillings and fourpence.
Seeing the 18-year-old with a brilliant name and bright future got our man Anthony Woolford trawling through the archives to nd the best, from Bongo Christ to Johnny Moustache, Australian goalkeeper Norman Conquest to aptly-named Belgian midelder Mark De Man plus Zimbabwean Danger Fourpence and French team goalkeeper Dominique Dropsy, who was in their 1978 World Cup squad.
Prices of fish varied according to the variety - prices of halfpenny and penny for ordinary white fish, with haddock costing twopence and skate at twopence and fourpence.
99 T-bone steaks, Malmaison is set to make a splash with a three-course menu for fourpence less than that.
Getting as little as fourpence a pint for their milk.
There were reports of spivs selling paper crowns to well-wishers for fourpence.
After a couple of years, despite his wage being raised by 50 per cent, from 11 pence an hour to a princely one shilling and fourpence (7p now), he set up on his own.
Fourpence is charged for a motor cycle or motor cycle combination for a period of four hours, but if a severely disabled ex-Serviceman desires to park his motorised tricycle he is charged ninepence for the same period.
Lastly we have a valuable new venture from Virago, Grace Foakes' Four Meals for Fourpence ([pounds sterling] 6.
She'd give me the fourpence - I'd take to my feet Up to the Stores at the top of the street A boy of just seven, I'd enter the shop Go up to the counter and peer o'er the top.
This is where the 'free-willers' throw in their fourpence worth
A radio message is sent from the battle-front to HQ: "Send reinforcements, we're going to advance" it reads, only for it to be interpreted as "Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance".
Some cinema prices were sixpence and some fourpence.
I love sixpence, pretty little sixpence, I love sixpence better than my life; I spent a penny of it, I spent another, And took fourpence home to my wife.