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of or relating to vehicles with four wheels


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They had come up the hill in the twilight; Bert was anxious to get as far as possible before he lit--or attempted to light, for the issue was a doubtful one--his lamps, and they had scorched past a number of cyclists, and by a four-wheeled motor-car of the old style lamed by a deflated tyre.
This consisted of a long hammer-headed old horse, formerly used in the business, attached to a four-wheeled chaise of the same period, which had long been exclusively used by the Harmony Jail poultry as the favourite laying-place of several discreet hens.
He tore off with the four-wheeled chaise behind him, and Mr.
He came here with his victim in a four-wheeled cab, which was drawn by a horse with three old shoes and one new one on his off fore leg.
He was quite tired out with pacing the streets, to say nothing of repeated disappointments, and was sitting down upon a step to rest, when there approached towards him a little clattering jingling four-wheeled chaise' drawn by a little obstinate-looking rough-coated pony, and driven by a little fat placid-faced old gentleman.
The white 19-foot long Pictan Royal boat, with burgundy trim, was on a four-wheeled trailer and covered with a blue tarpaulin when it was stolen from Hoo Farm Industrial Estate in Worcester Road.
5 tonnes the quantity - 2 pcsProblem # 2 - supply of four-wheeled vehicles quad in quantity - 8 pieces
This could be thought about as a four-wheeled Segway in terms of its maneuverability," Burns says.
The four-wheeled models in the Robustus range are distinguished by the innovation of their components.
We've completed a study that indicates that significant time and cost savings can be gained by using four-wheeled hand trucks in place of, or as a complement to two-wheeled models.
1 -- color) Dirt Wheels editor Dennis Cox tests the new 2001 model Yamaha 660 Raptor Quadrunner - a four-wheeled motorcycle - at the Hungry Valley racetrack on Monday.
lanes against damage caused by four-wheeled drive vehicles.
The Robustus SE 417 four-wheeled electric counterbalance and the Robustus SE 427 and SE 432, four-wheeled electric counterbalance forklift trucks, will also be featured on the stand, along with the Nuova Detas Sherpa diesel range of counterbalance forklift trucks.