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of or relating to vehicles with four wheels


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factory, 5-door, at least 5 seats, gasoline engine turbo, at least 400 Nm / 300 hp, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, at least 530 kg payload, loading area:.
BFGoodrich assembled a panel of judges comprised of four-wheel industry veterans to evaluate Outstanding Trails grant submissions.
Let's be clear here; the addition of four-wheel drive does not make this Model S into any kind of SUV.
TOM: Fortunately, now most cars and even most SUVs come with what we call "all-wheel drive'' (Honda calls it "real-time four-wheel drive,'' and some manufacturers have different brand names for it).
All the engines manufactured at the plant as well as existing plants will be used for four-wheel vehicles produced locally, according to the company.
FOUR-wheel drive is about to enter a new dimension with Ferrari announcing it has developed one capable of 209mph.
A re-worked chassis with revised spring and damper settings enhances the new Antara's dynamics both on and off-road, while the car's adaptive four-wheel drive system switches automatically between two and four-wheel drive as conditions demand.
When it premiered in 1999, the four-wheel driven BMW X5 was the first vehicle of its kind.
It is the fifth model in the Czech company's line-up and will be available in four trim levels with a choice of five engines and two or four-wheel drive.
The fifth model in the Czech company's lineup will be available in four trim levels with a choice of five engines and two or four-wheel drive.
In the latest sign of Australians' shift toward environmental protection, a new poll reveals that a majority of the country's drivers say four-wheel drive vehicles are "socially unacceptable" because of their environmental costs.
html), increased the size of the anti-roll bars (23-mm front/17-mm rear, an increase of 5 mm on the rear bar), and altered the feel of the four-wheel disc brakes (10.
SUZUKI'S new SX4 range is about to be joined by a new turbo diesel model and a four-wheel drive version.
WHEN a vehicle carries the Suzuki badge and is labelled SX4 you automatically assume that it is a four-wheel drive model.
The Torrent we tested came in front-wheel drive with a 185-horsepower V-6 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission with sport-tuned four-wheel independent suspension.