four-stroke engine

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an internal-combustion engine in which an explosive mixture is drawn into the cylinder on the first stroke and is compressed and ignited on the second stroke

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The AeroTwin lightweight two-cylinder 972cc four-stroke engine will be available in two models.
The Lead's clean four-stroke engine meets Euto-2 emission levels and obviously there is no need to keep an eye on oil levels as you would have to with the two-stroke opposition.
MAN Diesel & Turbo is the first company to successfully make four-stroke marine engines IMO Tier III-compliant, based on a fully modular SCR-kit that is covering the entire MAN Diesel & Turbo four-stroke engine portfolio.
The EPA jury originally thought they would have to go to a four-stroke engine to achieve such important air quality benefits.
The vehicle is equipped with 113cc four-stroke engine that delivers 7.
Both models are equipped with a 150cc four-stroke engine sourced from Honda Unicorn.
Toyota used a cylinder head that was very similar to a four-stroke engine cylinder head, so that the intake and exhaust strokes only occurred during half of the crankshaft's work.
The vehicle is to be equipped with a 125cc four-stroke engine that delivers 11PS, coupled with a five-speed manual transmission.
The bike is equipped with a parallel twin four-stroke engine, displacing 800cc and delivering 71bhp and 76Nm of peak torque, coupled with a six-speed transmission.
This top-of-the-line Arctic Cat ATV is capable of strong midrange acceleration and impressive torque, due to a powerful V-Twin, four-stroke engine.
The model is equipped with an all-new, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 249cc four-stroke engine, specifically designed for racing.
Arctic Cat has been developing four-stroke engine technology since 1996.
We are pleased that our four-stroke engine today is significantly cleaner than the EPA's 2012 standards.
9 cc air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine that currently powers the company's top-selling motorcycle, Gixxer.
Among the topics are safety first, basic engine operation and configuration, four-stroke engine top-end inspection, motorcycle charging systems and direct current circuits, and motorcycle maintenance and emission control.