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Instead of ruling out alternative hypotheses and deciding on a course of action, four-square patterns call upon us to embrace contradictions as naturally occurring phenomena.
The four-square plan sets four wings of accommodation around the central, double-height space, with each wing organised around its own centralised roof light, boldly lined with magenta walls.
A swoopy Focus competitor, the Sportback has five doors, an angry nose, bulging wheelarches and a squat four-square stance.
Their Four-Square, Tudor, and Craftsman-style homes featured the finest materials and artistry of the day: leaded glass, carved hardwood cabinetry; Rook-wood tiles.
The 20-strong Johann Strauss Orchestra, directed from the violin in a pretty four-square manner by the hugely confident Christopher Warren Green, performed with plenty of polish andproduced the sound of a much larger orchestra.
Though we believe it was more important to uphold the progressive banner than to line up four-square behind Gore, we will not succumb to laryngitis because of that.
The one person who stood four-square behind the entire concept of Maelstrom was Roger Frappier, Villeneuve's producer since Cosmos (1995).
Yesterday, the Shadow Home Secretary said: "I stand four-square behind parents' right to use reasonable force to protect their children and instil a sense of discipline in them from an early age.
No wide-eyed radical, he, but a solidly four-square surgeon then in his early 80s, Dr.
This four-square Normandy peasant in his no-nonsense clothes who hated la vie boheme - no one guessed he was a painter - emerges as the great memorialist of la vie moderne as well as its greatest dreamer.
Students used several measurement skills to develop their comprehension of "squares" as they transformed a square of fabric into the smaller squares necessary for making a four-square quilt patch [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
RLS describes the hedge-inns, the peasants in green coats, the ringing of cattle-bells, the stony drove-roads, a shepherd leading flocks to the note of a rural horn, the gross turf highland frontier separating the deserted mountainous Cevennes from "the Cevennes of the Cevennes," the deep turning gullies of the Tarn and the Spanish chestnuts standing four-square to heaven.
Behind them a buckshot laugh exploded scattered thoughts turned heads toward a black-haired four-square woman.
In Four-Square (1949) seventeen of her short stories were collected.
In middle life there comes a moment when everything seems very solid, standing there four-square and solid in its own hard uncompromising light.