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having four sides

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The versatile system can be used in a variety of configurations, such as small four-sided pits; large unobstructed working pits as big as 50 by 50 feet; or in a linear multi-bay configuration to install pipe lengths 40 feet.
IMAGINE, for a moment, a team are going into a four-sided group (where everyone will play everyone else home and away) and that their three opponents are all as good as each other.
Field Logic[R]'s new Block[TM] 4x4 target combines the Friction Foam of the original Block on the inside with a PosiLock Compression System on the outside to hold the layers in place, thereby allowing for four-sided shooting.
According to American Heritage Dictionary IV, to flank is to guard the left or right side of a structure, an endless task at this tall, four-sided stone tower.
Their iconic, four-sided pitched roofs are evidently supported by the very same wood that elsewhere undermines structural soundness.
For many Jews, highlights of the holiday include spinning the dreidel, a four-sided top; eating fried potato pancakes called latkes with sour cream and applesauce; and small presents for the children.
2] of its advanced T-Series curtain walling, to form a secure four-sided internal atnum and lightwell.
It features a feed rate of 11 fpm to 52 fpm, maximum four-sided planing of 10 in.
The Iron Works built a four-sided blast furnace 20 ft high and 24 sq ft at its base.
The base MMS-3 is configured with three, 3-axis units mounted perpendicularly around a common four-sided tombstone.
The event, which will boast unique four-sided TV replays, is part of the pounds 500,000 ATP Tour International Series and begins on February 21.
this cutting-edge system allows researchers to graphically view geological data and information from potential energy reserves in either a four-sided immersive visualization environment or on a large-screen, three-panel theater presentation.
Cayonu residents probably produced cloth on a four-sided wooden frame, the Dutch archaeologist proposes on the basis of her examination of the new find.
lit a four-sided Asahi Beer sign atop the 1930s Art Deco building in Los Angeles.