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a bed with posts at the four corners that can be used to support a canopy or curtains

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So whether you are looking for a cosy cottage with a four-poster bed, a spacious house or something in between, Trenewydd Farm Holiday Cottages can provide that extra special ingredient that makes a visit a truly memorable experience.
Valentine's Day might not have lived up to expectations and your partner might not have been your Prince Charming, but there is an answer - the four-poster bed.
A well-run brothel is unlikely to attract the attention of the West Midlands Police, not officially anyway, even if it is littered with four-poster beds.
Much giddy mayhem ensues as a gaggle of childlike acrobats high-hop between two oversize trampoline four-poster beds.
Up-dated are the conference center with two ballrooms, the golf shop, the spa and 305 rooms with four-poster beds, fireplaces and terraces, some of them strung with hammocks.
The bedrooms have luxurious four-poster beds and antique furnishings.
You won't want to get out of the sumptuous four-poster beds at this glorious three-star retreat, which has just 10 bedrooms.
Luckily for couples heading this way for Valentine's Day, the area also has one of the highest quotas of four-poster beds in the country at its guest accommodation.
Croix, the seaside plantation estate of Sprat Hall Plantation features nine rooms and eight suites, complete with round and four-poster beds, stables and a beachfront restaurant.
The tents are fitted with four-poster beds, cool-water plunge pools and drawing paper and pastels so you can capture the views.
The lodges include a woodburning stove, wine on arrival, four-poster beds, robes, underfloor heating and the latest in self-catering conveniences.
uk, 01787 211115 Knockomie Hotel, Moray You'll find two four-poster beds to choose from at this hotel just outside the town of Forres.
Frontman Julian Casablancas and bandmates Valenti, Albert Hammond Jr, Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti all kipped in four-poster beds and enjoyed having their own chef and servants during the stay.
6) FOUR-POSTER beds don't need to be ornate and fussy.