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Make the best use of high ceilings with a four-poster or a canopy bed frame.
Kanye checked into his room which overlooked the sea and had some supper before having a snooze in his four-poster bed.
If you're lucky enough, as we were, to stay in one of the four magnificent four-poster bedrooms then you'll 'pop' upstairs to freshen up.
There are also plenty of walks nearby - but ultimately you'll want to return to this cosy cottage, with its wood-burning stove and four-poster bed, for a slice of romance made for two.
Specifically, the ongoing research evaluates the effectiveness of four-poster deer feeding stations using host-targeted insecticide application, instead of broadcast applications to the environment.
The ancient four-poster has been slept in by FIFTEEN generations of the same aristocratic family.
There is a four-poster bed in the main bedroom and a picture of a scantily clad Marilyn Monroe on the wall.
Entwistle denies killing his 27-year-old wife Rachel and their nine-month-old baby Lillian Rose on the four-poster bed in their new home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, on January 20, 2006.
Also included is a night in the four-poster bed honeymoon suite.
It was your award on the ad that convinced us to go ahead, so we really did it in style and booked the four-poster bed.
At the front of the hotel 25 standard rooms have been turned into four luxurious double rooms and ten suites, including the Honeymoon Suite with its tailor made four-poster.
At the foot of the minimalist four-poster bed was a bench upholstered in faux leopard skin.
You'll barely have strength left to flop on your four-poster bed at the utterly luxurious Lucknam Park, which also offers horseback riding.