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having a thickness made up of four layers or strands

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Featuring vivid illustrations of New Orleans' landmarks--brought to life with laser-engraved, seven-color rotogravure printing and a matte finish--the three-ply flexible bags combine polyester, foil and a polyethylene sealant in an innovative structure that is claimed to require 10% less material, use 15% less energy to produce and generate 10% less carbon emissions in production compared to the traditional four-ply structures, according to the South Carolina-headquartered Sonoco.
Quilted is best for softness but the four-ply Lidl Floralys lost marks because it was thought most likely to block the U-bend.
The students may also separate four-ply yarn to use as hair.
ANGELICA HUSTON (March 24, 1986): Huston won her best supporting actress award for "Prizzi's Honor" wearing a bias-cut, four-ply silk gown by designer Tzetzi Ganev of Western Costume.
Optional equipment includes mild steel feed hopper liner plates, four-ply product belt, single idler belt weigher fitted to the main product conveyor and a camera mounted over the crusher mouth.
PGI added a four-ply scrim towel that provides low linting and absorbency and a tear-resistant scrim for light duty tasks.
The taxpayer then accepted a proposal to correct the leaks, which involved inserting a roof expansion joint to run the length of the building and covering it with a layer of one-half inch fiberboard insulation and a 20-year four-ply asphalt and gravel top.
Shandong Huarum ordered a Headbox Screening System from Andritz's Fiber Preparation Systems Division for its four-ply white top and gypsum board machine.
Carlos Moore, executive vice president of the American Textile Manufacturers Institute, who has brought the issue to the Federal Trade Commission, said it is false and misleading to describe 250 individual four-ply yarns in a square inch as a 1,000-thread-count product.
Yet Disney's The Kid has more going for it than that, including some decent laughs, a little romance and some four-ply hankie moments.
However, the four-ply carbon-copy forms that are the most expensive to process were still quite common.
Her 46 employees work out of two floors of a fashion district loft and do everything from cutting the 10 yards of Duchness satin, four-ply crepe or fine silks that can go into each gown to shipping the garments to retailers.
For PJ's Coffee of New Orleans, Sonoco developed and is producing vibrant, three-ply, foil-based flexible coffee bags that require 10 percent less material and 15 percent less energy to produce and result in 10 percent fewer carbon emissions than traditional four-ply flexible coffee bags.
Only white or natural cotton four-ply yarn can be used because colored yarn contains dye harsh to exposed wounds.
To accommodate the additional weight and ensure the integrity of the package throughout retail and direct mail distribution, Sonoco used a four-ply foil structure with a heavy-gauge sealant.