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involving four parties

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The realignment of stars was brief however as the various factions within the Cypriot political system soon turned on each other to blame their opponents for giving Turkey the chance to push for a four-party conference through their alleged playmaker, UN special adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer.
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's four-party "Alliance" government was supported by 48.
Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan met Afghan and Pakistani foreign ministers during the four-party meeting.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il mentioned the three-party talks while President Roh Moo-hyun cited the need for four-party ones, wary of the repercussion from China.
The four-party alliance led by Zia called the strike after making allegations ruling party activists blocked her Sunday trip to the country's south with bombs and bullets.
If the most suitable replacement property is owned by RP, a four-party exchange will be completed with B, RP, T and QI.
Once the four-party talks begin, Yoo said, South Korea would be happy to discuss the reduction of tensions ``as well as the issue of the North Korean food shortage, and this is all open.
Interchange fees are critical to the ability of four-party payment systems, like MasterCard, to operate in an efficient and competitive manner, since they allow the cost of providing payment services to be recovered in a way that maximizes the demand for the services.
Araji added about the four-party alliance that "the four-party alliance is still on the informational coordination and under the supervision of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in the operations room at the presence of all parties," noting that "coordination is focused on the exchange of information on the movement of terrorists and their presence".
TAP) - The situation in the mining basin was the main issue discussed during the meeting, Thursday, between the ruling four-party coalition and Prime Minister Habib Essid.
Meanwhile, DIKO chief Marios Garoyian underlined his lack of commitment to the four-party alliance by opening talks about the elections with AKEL.
Bangladesh's four-party ruling alliance on Tuesday nominated Yazuddin Ahmed, former chairman of the University Grant Commission, as candidate for the presidential election later this month.
officials on Pyongyang's suspected construction of an underground nuclear facility and four-party Korean peace talks scheduled for later this month in Geneva.
In a boost to the opposition, Felipe Gonzalez, a special representative of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said Friday that candidates of the four-party opposition coalition had won elections in 13 Serbian cities last month and called on the government to act on the results.
We have always maintained that interchange fees are efficient, pro-competitive and essential to the operation of a four-party system.