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having four lobes

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tubular four-lobed corollas, very short anther tails, anther collar, anther appendages constricted and demarcated from the thecae, and spheroidal, small pollen grains.
The Flowdrill system is a method for the extrusion of holes using a four-lobed tungsten-carbide friction drill.
11E): Protopod four-lobed, endites with 11, 4, 10, 8 setae; endopod two-segmented with 8, 3 setae; scaphognathite with 43 plumose setae.
Gimzewski has also used an STM as an atomic knife, cleaving an atom off the four-lobed porphyrin molecule.
The counterrotating machine has a patented combination of one tri-lobed mixing rotor and one four-lobed rotor.
The granite sculpture, designed by County Durham-based artist Peter Sales and produced by local firm North East Granite, depicts a four-lobed Willmore torus symbol.