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any of several short English words (often having 4 letters) generally regarded as obscene or offensive

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The four-letter words remained, but were blended with insight and genuine ire.
Miss Allen, who cancelled an American tour after immigration authorities revoked her visa because of an alleged assault on a photographer, described the president in a barrage of four-letter words.
What Lesley Clack says is true, but it's no wonder, when the screenwriters who write the scripts for the films that are out there today do nothing but blurt out four-letter words and more.
But I never thought it would have any commercial value, simply because of the content and the four-letter words.
There are four-letter words and adult situations, but older teens as well as adults should enjoy this.
The book contains epithets and four-letter words that will never be found in any respectable textbook--meant, of course, to mock the squeaky-clean version of history that actual textbooks portray.
Frodo's fans, older than Potter's but every bit as obsessive, not only devoured printing after printing of The Lord of the Rings, but also regaled themselves--between protesting the war in Viet Nam, and demanding the right to use four-letter words in public--with sporting Gandalf for President buttons and organizing Hobbit parties.
It's a rather unusual commercial ploy: one "full size" adult oriented book with all the preflight details, occasional four-letter words and the intense interrogations the crew experienced, published along with a smaller format book whose text is reduced in length and content and focuses on the more exciting aspects of Lt.
Some people have got their knickers in a twist over the news that made-in-Liverpool film The 51st State has apparently set a new record for screen swearing - with more than 300 four-letter words in 95 minutes.
A SONG from the hit South Park movie will be banned from the Oscars bash unless the lyrics are stripped of four-letter words.
If the young athletes have to brush up on their four-letter words and tobacco chewing, let them learn it in the major league lockerrooms, not your lockerroom and your field.
Tests conducted on 21 patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa - a disease that destroys light-receiving cells at the back of the eye - showed that 75 percent of them were able to correctly identify single letters and more than 50 percent were able to read four-letter words.
A court heard that the officer was only going to warn the 40-year-old until he spewed out a tirade of four-letter words District judge Mark Hadfield told Croft: "There's a certain irony that on your way back from an anger management session you behaved like this with a police officer.
Find a solution made up of only four-letter words, and then a solution made up of only five-letter words, and finally a solution made up of only six-letter words.
From what I can gather, you can punch out short messages no longer than 140 characters which, if you need a guide, is 25 four-letter words and send them out into the world.