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any of several short English words (often having 4 letters) generally regarded as obscene or offensive

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From what I can gather, you can punch out short messages no longer than 140 characters which, if you need a guide, is 25 four-letter words and send them out into the world.
MEATLOAF: The larger-than-life singer had a four-letter word meltdown on US Celebrity Apprentice after thinking someone had pinched some paint supplies.
Coming soon to a furniture store near you: the spherical sofa--because diet is a four-letter word.
Write a four-letter word clockwise in the four white circles on the left to form two three-letter words across and two more down.
This one is high-quality stuff, great photos and funny writing: "How to spoon with girls," "How to buy porn at a liquor store," "Work is a four-letter word.
Created by Robert Indiana in 1964, the four-letter word was first reinvented as a sculpture in 1970 outside the Indianapolis Museum of Art in the artist's home state.
Love is a four-letter word and some swear by it Make love not warmonger Love can move mountains but fill rivers Love is a drug and it's legal Love means less without money Love amounts to nothing in tennis Love is Notion, Emotion, Commotion, Devotion, Lonesome, Love is great, till the lights go out.
Write a common four-letter word clockwise in the four white circles on the left to form two three-letter words across and two more down.
London, Aug 3 (ANI): Legendary cricketer Shane Warne stunned TV bosses with the use of the four-letter word 'tw*t' during live commentary.
The sguire gets into his stride Not a four-letter word within it The marmalised people can't hide.
A tribunal heard Alan Davis's boss used a four-letter word in telling him to leave Hockley-based machinery firm Rotagrip Ltd after the 67-year-old had a row with a supervisor.
Taste in humour varies: folk who'd tear paedophiles to pieces roar at vulgarity from gay so-called comedians and I have never understood the juvenile laughter an uncouth audience emits on hearing that hackneyed four-letter word.
Alan Davis's boss at Rotagrip Ltd used a four-letter word when ordering him to leave, Birmingham Employment Tribunal was told.
That, four-letter word is immortalized on everything front key chains and floor mats to a phenomenally successful 1973 American postage stamp.