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any of several short English words (often having 4 letters) generally regarded as obscene or offensive

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In the sixteen partially constructed assembly lines listed below, the exterior letters of the six-letter words have been supplied, along with clues for the four-letter words.
At that time, one of the most abused four-letter words used by our public service officials when addressing queries to long-outstanding problems or issues in their organization was the word "soon".
From what I can gather, you can punch out short messages no longer than 140 characters which, if you need a guide, is 25 four-letter words and send them out into the world.
Quick--what four-letter word represents higher profits and a more sophisticated look for aboveground pools?
This one is high-quality stuff, great photos and funny writing: "How to spoon with girls," "How to buy porn at a liquor store," "Work is a four-letter word.
The study took place at the time the infamous episode of "South Park" ran in which the writers did a parody on how may times the four-letter word for excrement could be uttered in a program.
If failure weren't a seven-letter word, it would be a Four-letter word.
Meanwhile, back in the States, The San Diego Union-Tribune suffered an embarrassment of glitches when a four-letter word materialized in a column by Buddy Blue, a free-lance writer for the paper's "Night & Day" entertainment section.
His two-volume Life Is a Four-Letter Word (1966, 1970; abridged as Breaking In, Breaking Out) is an autobiography to 1956.
Washington Convention Center - It's the four-letter word no e-mail user can avoid: Spam.
Which four-letter word beginning with 'H' is a traditional round dance of Romania and Israel?
The researchers found that f-bomb was used more than twice as frequently as the next nearest four-letter word of choice.
Alan Davis's boss at Rotagrip Ltd used a four-letter word when ordering him to leave, Birmingham Employment Tribunal was told.
That, four-letter word is immortalized on everything front key chains and floor mats to a phenomenally successful 1973 American postage stamp.
A listener complained after hearing a four-letter word at 3.