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having four feet

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Finding the first example of a four-legged snake would be very exciting," says Michael Caldwell, a paleontologist at the University of Alberta in Canada.
While some creations may look clunky, developments such as its latest robot Spot, a four-legged robot with a 'sensor head' that helps it negotiate rough terrain, offer a fascinating insight into the prowess of the firm's engineers and the future of advanced robotics.
Total quantity or scope: 800 students double tables, 3,000 students individual tables, 4 chairs 600 students, 180 four-legged stool, 500 four-legged stool with footrest and 100 height-adjustable swivel stool.
The last three pupils, Year 8 Izzie Lloyd, Faye Burnhill and Eve Stollery, persevered heroically as a four-legged group of girls in pink tutus and took their final steps 54 minutes later.
AS CRUFTS, the annual celebration of our four-legged friends, kicks off on March 10, Eve Kelly, editor of HomesAndBargains.
Celebrity visitors will be invited to have their picture taken with a rescue animal: as well The Four-Legged Lounge sponsor, Canada's well-known magazine, Modern Dog, will be on hand and offer visiting celebrities the opportunity to be featured on the cover of the magazine.
But just because elephants have four legs--like zebras, lions or wildebeests--doesn't mean they use them in the same way as other four-legged animals, or quadrupeds.
The oldest evidence of four-legged animals walking on land--perhaps as old as 397 million years--has been discovered in southeast Poland.
That means no more searching for a bottle opener around your house, at a pool party, BBQ, or shindig at the beach--just call over your favorite four-legged friend.
Punting high The four-legged Segal and Sea The Stars (a horse the two-legged Segal would approve of) Punting low Backing a couple of third-hand gossip horses Eyecatchers Don't always come from race clips; the market also speaks, and I'll be keeping an eye on Carleton and Mutamaashi, who both attracted money in competitive handicaps at Newmarket on Sunday before being withdrawn because of the fast ground Dignity in defeat Shaun Murphy after losing the World Snooker final, and John Gosden after the 1,000 Guineas
As it happens a two-legged beast and a four-legged beast met and
Tilly Trumble collects chairs and seeks the perfect four-legged, scruffy old thing to fill the space by the fireplace.
TAILS rather than tongues were set wagging at a north Birmingham primary school following a visit by a four-legged representative of a dog charity.
A FOUR-LEGGED duckling has shocked experts by growing into a full-sized duck.
A four-legged duckling was yesterday in the media spotlight with television appearances and photoshoots after breaking all expectations by thriving despite its startling deformity.