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having two lanes for traffic in each direction

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The project was launched to convert the then two-lane dual carriageway into a four-lane motorway up to the border of Dubai.
The 1984 report took a dim view of a road system that included both three- and four-lane sections, declaring that "weaving and merging of traffic (between three- and four-lane sections) would lessen traffic safety and hamper the smooth, orderly flow of traffic.
a rapidly emerging leader for evaluation suites for image sensors, has announced that the GPLAB-CLSYS, the company's GPirates series of evaluation systems for images from CMOS image sensors (CIS), is now fully compliant with the four-lane MIPI CSI-2 standard.
Both projects are a part of Mississippi's on-going program to upgrade 1,200 miles of existing two-lane highways to four-lane by the year 2002.
3 million to widen two sections of Highway 99 from a four-lane expressway to a six-lane freeway.
The project has a four-lane bypass road from Char Rasta near Chaudi up to Mashem in Canacona.
With no four-lane highway access, a steady population decline and the recent loss of several large employers, El Dorado is far from its oil-rich glory days of the early and mid-20th century.
Queen's Park has finally announced it intends to four-lane Highway 69 within 12 years.
Here's the program: Any four-lane stretch becomes five lanes.
27, 1990, noted that the $210 million, four-lane expressway was completed three weeks ahead of schedule.
The Tachyon DE4 includes a four-lane native PCI Express bus and host-friendly features, making it perfect for cost-sensitive storage systems used in small- and medium-sized business (SMB) environments.
Instead of a four-lane road connecting John Marshall Highway and Happy Creek Road, the contract calls for it to start with four lanes at John Marshall Highway, but narrow to two lanes for a stretch.
Martel, who supports the four-lane project, says she believes there are safety, social and economic benefits to the project.
Add one lane to four-lane stretches and one car-pool lane in each direction along the entire corridor.
When you got a four-lane, you get in that inside lane, a lot of people think that's a fast lane, and it's dangerous," he said.