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having two lanes for traffic in each direction

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The scope of work involves construction of NH-24 extension four-lane bypass starting from Behta road and terminating at Sitapur road chainage 479.
According to information released at the meeting, the concept of a four-lane highway from Jackson County to the St.
The $80 million bridge project included construction, engineering, and design of a new four-lane bridge, replacing the former two-lane bridge originally built in 1973.
All the shopkeepers protested wanting to keep the two lanes and dirt track on its sides so that their customers could park outside their shop, but they were ignored by the government because a four-lane road was needed to ease the traffic queues.
Traffic will access the new four-lane road via a new interchange to be constructed north of Lasalle Boulevard on Notre Dame Avenue (Municipal Road 80).
The Sultanate's first dual four-lane expressway will connect the Muscat Expressway in the Wilayat of Barka to Khatmat Melahah in the Wilayat of Shinas, a distance of about 265km.
The 1984 report took a dim view of a road system that included both three- and four-lane sections, declaring that "weaving and merging of traffic (between three- and four-lane sections) would lessen traffic safety and hamper the smooth, orderly flow of traffic.
The extension is part of the project to create an uninterrupted four-lane highway on E6 between Gardermoen-Biri and Oslo-Lillehammer.
Before the highway opened, when a motorist arrived at Highway 18 at Newport, the four-lane highway ended, Bolick said.
The crash early yesterday forced closing of the four-lane highway after fuel began leaking from the tank trailer.
Highway 138 eventually will become an entirely four-lane roadway.
30, which runs between Wooster and Orrville, is being expanded from a two-lane road to a four-lane divided highway.
30, which runs between Wooster and Orrville, is being upgraded and expanded from a two-lane road to a four-lane divided highway.
The existing section of Route 202 is a four-lane limited access highway extending from the Exton Bypass-U.
3 million to widen two sections of Highway 99 from a four-lane expressway to a six-lane freeway.