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Synonyms for four-hundredth

the ordinal number of four hundred in counting order


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Each right will entitle Graco shareholders to buy one four-hundredth of a share of a series of preferred stock at an exercise price of $180.
Publishers in Britain commemorated the four-hundredth anniversary of the failed Gunpowder Plot with two books, both designed for popular and scholarly readers alike: Gunpowder Plots [London: Allen Lane, 2005], a fine scholarly collection of essays that has not found a U.
Centenaries are fertile hunting grounds for editors, and it would be surprising for a work as influential as Francis Bacon's Advancement of Learning of 1605 to celebrate its four-hundredth birthday without some sort of commemoration.
But because of the nature of the interstellar medium near the sun, it can detect such radiation from Milky Way objects that lie within 300 light-years of Earth, or about one four-hundredth the radius of our galaxy, adds Stachnik.
The four-hundredth anniversary of the tragic death of Giordano Bruno, commemorated in the year 2000, saw the setting up of a national committee in Italy to protect and enhance the philosopher's memory, and to encourage study and diffusion of his works.
This newly scientific approach to Bruno, which once again considers him as a participant of note in the new enquiries into the order of the physical world which characterized European, and particularly English culture in the second part of the sixteenth century, was not only the subject of an important conference organized by the historian of science, Arcangelo Rossi, at the State University of the "Sapienza" in Rome in February 2000, to coincide with the celebratory events of the four-hundredth anniversary of Bruno's death, but also characterized many of the papers given at the London conference sponsored by The British Society for the History of Philosophy and hosted by University College London in June 2000.
35, just four-hundredth of a second behind Maria Michta.
Now, on the eve of the four-hundredth anniversary of the death of King Philip, Henry Kamen offers us another revisionist account of his life and accomplishments, one that seeks to dispel the smoke and gloom for good.
Perhaps the most valuable contribution to appear on the four-hundredth anniversary of Tasso's death is Carla Molinari's edition of the fifty surviving letters that the poet wrote from March 1575 to July 1576 while he was completing Creme liberata and submitting it to the review of five consultants: Scipione Gonzaga, Luca Scalabrino, Silvio Antoniano, Pietro Angeli da Barga, and Sperone Speroni.
Volume I of the Epistulae, published in connection with the four-hundredth anniversary of Andreas Dudith's death, includes 204 of his letters.
11 seconds, four-hundredths slower than his meet record semi-final time, to take gold last night and add to his victory on Saturday in the 100m.
Londoner Kyle Langford missed out on a medal in the 800m final by just four-hundredths of a second.
05 was still four-hundredths of a second outside Glover's personal best.
In the women's junior four, Alex Rankin and India Somerside were four-hundredths of a second behind bronze-winners USA and defending champion Josh Armstrong was fifth in the men's quadruple sculls B.
Le Clos, who gained Internet-meme fame for dancing in front of and essentially taunting Phelps earlier this week, faded in the final 50 meters of the race to finish fourth and Phelps managed to hold off Japan's Masato Sakai by a mere four-hundredths of a second.