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involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time

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Four-dimensional ultrasonography of the fetal heart with spatiotemporal image correlation.
Inherent in item 4 above is the fact that the four universes with flat four-dimensional proper physical (or metric) spacetimes ([SIGMA]', ct'), ([[SIGMA].
Of course, what we have built is not really a tesseract, as they only exist in four-dimensional space, but it is a three-dimensional representation of one.
Now Stahl has turned to creating sculptures by taking "fractals" out of four-dimensional hyperspace.
Health Correspondent Solihull Hospital has become the first in the Midlands to house a high-tech four-dimensional scanner allowing pregnant women to see their baby moving in the womb.
But these babies are still in their mothers' wombs, shown through a four-dimensional ultrasound procedure developed by Professor Stuart Campbell.
Since the (111) plane of the primitive cubic lattice is the two-dimensional hexagonal lattice, the three-dimensional hexagonal lattice can be considered as the (1110) plane of a four-dimensional cubic lattice (19).
A new four-dimensional Ab Initio potential energy surface will be reported for the long-range interaction of [H.
We can imagine consciousness as a four-dimensional space and the mind as a three-dimensional structure lying into it.
Storage requirements for GIS applications are enormous, vary by the application, types of data collected, and often include two, three, or four-dimensional images.
becoming in a three-dimensional space is somehow transformed into being in a four-dimensional world.
In addition, by noting such a transformation in the once alcoholic and crippled ship's cook, Calhoun himself moves closer to "whole sight," toward a four-dimensional world view.
But a map fails to do it full justice, because every forest is four-dimensional, with time as one critical dimension.
Carlotti, along with a professional, highly-trained team including board-certified anesthesiologists, have crafted a reputation for providing consistently excellent results, and are a leading practitioner of Four-Dimensional Face Lifts.
Circadian, We aim to create a four-dimensional map of leukocyte migration to organs in time and space and investigate with epigenetics techniques the molecular mechanisms that regulate cell-type specific rhythms.