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Synonyms for fountainhead

Synonyms for fountainhead

an abundant source

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the source of water from which a stream arises

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Through Fountainhead Investment Partners, the foundry provides an environment where talent and innovation are funded, nurtured, and guided to create a turning point for ideas.
In 2016, DAN's existing experiential offering, psLIVE and it 86 employees in India will be combined with Fountainhead.
Fountainhead worked closely with Tanana Chiefs Conference on the project, seeing it through to completion and occupancy.
That cause and its antithesis can be seen in The Fountainhead.
One should only fall in love with a great person, for example, like her famed hero of The Fountainhead, Howard Roark, the brave architect who rebelled against society to create his vision.
Displayed in a glass-fronted gallery, the two-part plastic-enclosed unfired-clay sculpture Itinerant Edens: Fountainhead was situated so as to be first glimpsed at a triple remove: a separation by the two transparent barriers (glass and plastic) and the empty, insulating space between them.
This age group relies on Internet video for news and entertainment and FountainHead delivers it in the style this age group can relate to.
Braided throughout the biography is a history of the ideas Nichols used to bring the gay rights movement to critical mass and discussion of the sources of the ideas that influenced his work, such as the integration of androgyny and anarchism into his activist philosophy, and the use of poet Walt Whitman as the fountainhead of the homosexual movement.
Yet that hasn't stopped Penguin from publishing her two most famous novels, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, in its prestigious Classic series.
Gary Cooper -- The Signature Collection (includes ``Sergeant York,'' ``The Fountainhead,'' ``Dallas,'' ``Springfield Rifle,'' ``The Wreck of the Mary Deare'') (Warner; $49.
Orcs & Elves was created for use on mobile phones by id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment.
He also held that iniquitous laws are not right, since even unjust law-givers themselves call a right (ius) only what derives from the fountainhead of justice (iustitia) and brand as false the opinion that a right (ius) is whatever is of advantage (utile) to the one in power.
May 2-8 Fountainhead Tanz Theatre/Black International Cinema "Inspiration--Creation--Fulfillment Personified" Berlin, Germany E-mail: Fountainhead@tanztheatre.