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And, even more beneficial to the company, its orders are much smaller, making it less feasible for large foundries to go after the business, he says.
While many nonferrous foundries continue to seek out marker share, the overall number of foundries continues to dwindle.
While Benton Foundry has lost seine business to overseas foundries, Hall says that a majority" of it has started to come back due to quality and lead time issues.
The enablingMNT industry review on Foundries for MST/MEMS has more than 95 pages, which include 14 tables, 12 figures, and 52 company profiles.
Foundries are exhibiting their unique services in this new international venue, which is attracting professionals from the automotive, mechanical, aerospace, construction, electronics, medical and energy industries.
The following new foundries from around the globe -- Brooklyn to Moscow to Wellington to British Columbia, and points in between -- have recently signed on at MyFonts.
Many foundries rely on the "feel" of a sand system as a function of quality.
Raza Foundries led Pacific Broadband's Series A funding round in late 1999.
Raza Foundries has successfully accelerated networking companies' ability to develop leading-edge technology.
foundries compete against low-cost, offshore competition?
Siu will guide Raza Foundries Partner Companies and Raza Foundries in the most promising and innovative areas of optical and wireless networking technology.
Foundries Is Reality," can be summed up in one word--money.
As fab manager for UMC, and later as president of USC, Peter Chang's contributions have been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of semiconductor technology in Taiwan and in UMC Group's development as one of the world's largest semiconductor foundries.
When the economy is slow, patterns travel as fast and frequently as airplanes, both from customers intent on achieving lower prices and from foundries that just couldn't survive.