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When the economy is slow, patterns travel as fast and frequently as airplanes, both from customers intent on achieving lower prices and from foundries that just couldn't survive.
The group recently announced a plan to consolidate operations by merging its Taiwan-based foundries with parent company UMC.
It showed that foundries have trouble simply identifying the root cause of a problem.
Back in the early '80s, however, the future of lost foam didn't look so bright as many foundries had tried (some half-hearted) and failed with the process, giving the process a black eye among the design community.
Changes we are anticipating include: growth of share of production completed in foundries, from today's 10 percent to 35-50 percent over the next 15 years; emergence of the foundry industry as the key technology driver for manufacturing; and changes in the manufacturing infrastructure, including vertical integration of front-end and back-end fabs," says Fuhs, who also predicts stepped up involvement of equipment companies in the equation.
This article explores some of those questions as well as alerts foundries to common pitfalls in the reclamation system selection process.
Test chips are used to create, tune and validate models for SPICE-to-silicon correlation and traditionally are developed independently both by foundries and by customers who own their own libraries.
Case history: Arrow desired a sand reclamation system and made its choice based on the recommendations of other foundries.
Working with leading silicon foundries such as these will ensure that a broader base of customers have access to `off-the-shelf' libraries so they can meet the most severe time-to-market and performance restrictions using a multi-source strategy.
Sometimes it leads to success for foundries with increased production efficiencies and reduced costs.
The conference provided the 235 attendees an opportunity to listen to discussions on various topics, including defect analysis occurring at foundries in the Middle East, a joint venture between a Chinese and U.
Beyond the economic indicators and forecasts of reduced production in the automotive, construction and railroad industries, I know this because foundries aren't making a lot of news.
Detail the results of a survey of permanent mold foundries this article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of mold coating removal techniques
In that same year, the elder Hall passed away and the Hallstead (which closed in 1987) and Benton foundries were split up with the Hall family retaining ownership of Benton.
Once producing 1300 tons of castings/day, this foundry spilled more iron in the '50s and '60s than most jobbing foundries poured in a day.