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25) The originality of the spirituality of the Congregation's foundress, Euphrasie Barbier (1829-1893), resided in her understanding of mission as primarily the work of the Trinity, though she conceived of the missions as Church missions, not in a free relationship with the Spirit.
Her present research concerns the spiritual itinerary of Blessed Mary of the Passion, Foundress of the FMM; developments in Catholic mission theology since Vatican II; and intercultural missionary practice related to ecology.
Her ancestry included Richard Nagle, the attorney general to the Catholic king James II, and Nano Nagel, the eighteenth-century foundress of the Presentation Order of Nuns, closely aligned with the Augustinian Friars, who kept the church alive during the persecutions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
These difficulties notwithstanding, HFS foundress, Henriette Delille, envisioned a religious community that would minister to the needs of the black faithful in the United States.
The pedagogy of our foundress, Barbara Micarelli, in the Catholic Franciscan tradition, centers on love, concern, respect, and hospitality.
The closest to nationalist sympathy was the foundress, Mary Aikenhead, whose father once shielded Lord Robert Fitzgerald from capture, but she was not in the group of pioneers.
In John, her religion is explicit: she converted to Catholicism in 1913, and later accepted a request from the nuns at the convent in Meudon (close to Rodin's studio) to make paintings of the foundress of the order of the Dominican Sisters of Charity, Mere Marie Poussepin (1653-1744).
Mary Sears, foundress, is a mother of seven children with a Doctorate Degree dedicated to early childhood development.
Opposite Leo Virgo is in her celestial place, bearing ears of corn, inventress of justice, foundress of cities, through which gifts it became possible to know the gods.
Recently, I had the privilege of traveling to Dublin, Ireland along with my friend and colleague, Rhonda Hanan, CNO Mercy Ardmore, and several other leaders from across the Sisters of Mercy health ministry We were on a pilgrimage to learn more about Mercy's roots, its heritage and the life of its foundress, Catherine McAuley My hope was that this experience would provide a greater understanding of the ministry I serve, and it did It was also inspiring to learn how dedicated Catherine was to serving others
9) Charism refers to the spiritual mission given by God through the foundress to congregations and orders.
Sometimes I have wondered what the foundress of the Sisters of Compassion religious order, Suzanne Aubert, who was committed to helping the poor, would have thought of the protracted negotiations and the miserable settlement," Haultain said.
It was likely only through the patronage of the Duchesse d'Aiguillon, foundress of the Hotel-Dieu de Quebec and niece of Cardinal Richelieu, that the He was published.
Francisco Coil, OP (1812-75) founder of an order of Sisters in Spain and advocate of education for women; Brother Rafael Arnaiz (1911-38), also from Spain, who died aged only 27 and is seen as an example for youth; Sister Marie de la Croix (Jeanne) Jugan (1792-1878), foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor; Josef de Veuster (1840-89), a Belgian priest better known as Father Damien of Molokai.
An order of nuns in Philadelphia petitioned for 23 years to have their foundress Mother Katherine Drexel beatified (one rung down from sainthood) and after John Paul II (of course) did the honours in 1998 they revealed that it had cost them pounds 220,000.